Tuesday, March 06, 2007

27 weeks

So I guess it wasn't just the angle. There was quite a difference in the last two belly shots so here's week 27. As you can see the belly has certainly gotten a lot bigger! She's growing like a weed in there and quickly running out of room.
It's probably only a matter of weeks before my belly button pops, yikes! My stomach is SO tight, I really don't know how she's going to make it another 12 weeks in there. Sometimes it hurts so bad that I litterally have to hold my stomach because it feels like she's going to pop right threw. My belly button is starting to look bruised all around it. I'm afraid that stretch marks might be coming, and I lather up with the lotion at least twice a day.
Today I had to go for my glucose test. Wish me luck. I see the doc on Thursday so she should have the results by then.
We also start our first class Thursday night. We have class every Thursday for 6 weeks. I'm very excited. Ian's meeting got rescheduled so he will be able to make it to class with me. He'll have to miss out some other week, but at least he'll be there for the first one.

The baby is moving like crazy. You can see my whole belly jump when she starts kicking. Ian's parents got to see her kicking last week, they were pretty amazed.

She used to only kick on the sides, but today I can feel her moving in the front. Rubbing her toes and knees across my belly button. It's pretty gross. I've always hated my belly button touched, and being touched from the inside is no better!

I love being able to rub my belly and feel where she is. She switches sides often and you can tell the difference. She seems to prefer my right side, right under my ribs which I keep pushing her out of because it hurts.

I keep forgetting everything I want to blog about. I get ideas but then they're gone.
Scott is getting more and more excited and continues to talk about the baby every weekend. He even suggested we buy her more outfits this weekend, lol. He's hoping that he's with us when she comes. I hope so too, I think it would be so great to have him there the day she's born. He's going to be an awesome big brother, she's a lucky girl.
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