Friday, July 27, 2007

So much news...

I wish I had more time to post. It's so much easier to just put pictures up because I can do that with one hand, lol.

So let's see, what's been going on....

my best friend Ev was home from SD for 3 weeks. It was wierd to be hanging out as moms. Ian was in Jersey for 3 days for a meeting so Ev and the little man (Chris Jr.) came to stay with us. That was when Sami was having issues with the low-grade fever (99.6)

No more fever and the poops seem to be back on track. I've tried cutting out dairy from my diet and it seems to be helping her. I'm going to try and incorporate it back in now and see if that really was the problem or if she just had some kind of stomach bug. I was drinking 2 gallons of milk a week so giving it up wasn't easy. But if it's what she needs then I guess I'll have to do with out.

I brought Samantha to the baptism of my godson, Chris Jr.

She did good through most of the mass, but then started fussing so Nana took her outside while we finished up. We tried to get some shots of the kids together, but Sami wasn't having it, lol. crying... will try more later

I wish this shot wasn't blurry. I love this pic.

Scott is playing soccer again this summer. He hasn't played the last few years and is getting back into it this year. He's really getting so much better, it's amazing to watch his skills develop.

Scott's biggest fan. She was loving his game, you can't really tell from this shot, but we had her sitting up and she was actually watching, it was so cute. At the end of the game he came over and gave her a big kiss. They realy are each others biggest fans.
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Friday, July 20, 2007

More Doctors...

Sami has been running a low-grade temp this week. We went to the doctors to find out what the problem is and they classified her as "borderline colic"
I'm not sure I totally believe that she has colic...but whatever, as long as she doesn't have any kind of infection or illness I can deal.
She has been a little fussy lately and we've had a few rough nights but she seems to be getting back on track the last few days, just developing a slight fever in the evenings...weird. She's having issues pooping so hopefully that will clear up soon...poor thing.

Her weight at the doctors on Tuesday was 10 lbs. 4 oz!!! I couldn't believe it. I told the nurse that she should be at least 9 by now and we put her on the scale and it didn't budge at 9 pounds, lol. She's getting to be a big girl. No more newborn diapers either, we've moved up to the size ones. Why is it that the size ones are twice as big as a newborn diaper? Size ones look huge on her, but the newborns are just too small. We're loving that she actually is fitting into most of her clothes now and everything isn't falling off of her, lol. Here are just a few pics from the week.

Chillin' with froggy while momma blogs...

Playing with her man Chris Jr.

Lounging in her bouncy

Just being beautiful

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Monday, July 16, 2007

6 Weeks Old

Look how big she is getting in her swing!

Playing with her gym that Daddy bought her.

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Look at her lift that head up! She wants to crawl so bad!!! She pushes herself around with her feet all ready, she just can't hold her upper body up so she kind of slides on her face.
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Boy was I!! And probably still am.

I can honestly say that when people told me that I would need a gazillion onesies because my child would spit up on them and poop through them all day long, I thought they were foolish. I mean, hello I change her diaper all the time, how could she possibly shit through it? Or up her back... I mean her butt doesn't exactly point's a normal butt...I don't poop up my back.

Well, let the games begin! She has pooped on me many a time...I just thought it was personal...a sort of, "thanks for all the good boob juice ya go..."

Then came the soaking of the clothes. The first...Ian confessed that he thought maybe it was the way he put the diaper on...maybe, but not likely as she would soon prove.

Then there was the leakage out the side and I chalked it up to the cheap diapers ( the store was out of the good stuff in her size)

But came.....the ultimate poop! Good diaper and all, properly secured...perfect.
Ian had just came home from work and was on the computer. Sami and I sat on the couch next to his computer...I think I might have been nursing her, but either way I was holding her and she was on my lap, when all of a sudden....she let it rip! There was poop coming from every angle! Out the side, up the back, it was everywhere! I was covered, she was covered, and Ian was running for cover!
Thank God he was here because I seriously could not move! I was covered in a pool of poo! GROSS!!

Since then we've had a few more poo problems, but that night definitely takes the cake My Gosh!

So, In other Sami news....Things had been going great. She was finally nursing good. Sleeping about 3-4 hour stretches at night. Still wanting to nurse every hour during the day if she was awake, but whatever, we were working on that.
Since last week I don't know what has happened. It's like we're starting at day one all over again. She has trouble getting on the breast and gets all frustrated and sounds like she's going to hyperventilate, once she's on she doesn't want to work. She won't sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time...which includes all night long. She wakes up crying, if I pick her up she falls asleep, if I set her down she wakes up. I try to let her wake up long enough so that she's really awake so she can nurse, she starts screaming at the top of her lungs (which are definitely growing by the way) then as soon as she latches...she falls asleep! When she does get on and starts nursing she'll start crying and screaming 2 minutes into it. What the heck!!??

That was our last two days. She seemed to be a bit better last night and is sleeping like crazy today. I've had a bit of a belly ache the last two days too so maybe she's just not feeling well...?
I've been giving her some gas medicine to try and help her through it. She doesn't have a fever...I keep checking her, and she is acting normal other than the screaming during nursing. She screams like she's in pain...or maybe had a nightmare? Not sure but it's loud and usually doesn't last for more than 20 seconds and she'll latch back on.

I guess we're still learning.

So when I'm not nursing a baby, cleaning up poop (baby, dog, and alpaca), entertaining (baby or dog), chasing run-a-way alpaca's through our yard, Keeping Patches away from the alpacas, cleaning up spit up (dogs and baby), doing laundry or dishes...I'm probably eating or sleeping. Therefore there is not alot of blog time right now...or even picture taking for that matter, I mean how many pictures can you take of a screaming or sleeping baby? and it's hard to work the camera with a baby in your arms...but again...we're learning.

Until our next joyful nap time....

I'll try to post some pics this week...promise.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Growing Girl

Sami had her 1 month check up/weight check today. She now weighs 8 lbs. 7 oz.!!! And is 21.5 in. long.

Doctor says she is growing great and was impressed. She is above average for her length and still a little below average for weight, but just perfect for her since she was little to begin with (by their standards)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July

Happy 4th Everyone!!
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Monday, July 02, 2007


1.) How many times do you think you can re-heat an English muffin in the toaster?

2.) What are the chances I'll get to eat said English muffin before
a.) it's cold again or
b.) it's turned into a rock from being re-heated so many times?

3.) If I'm supposed to sleep when she sleeps...when do I eat?

4.) When does she sleep?

I really shouldn't complain. It hasn't been that's just that this morning she decided to wake up at 3 am....for the day!!! And not go back to sleep until NOON!!! well...12:30, but who's counting, lol.

She's been a good baby, and I'm loving every sleepless minute of it.
She had a case of severe baby acne and I think she had heat rash on top of it. It was awful!! My poor girl. We canceled our trip to CT because of it :( I miss my CT friends.
She's starting to clear up a bit so hopefully we can make it out there soon.

She seems to cry alot when she's awake...she also wants to nurse every hour when she's up. When she sleeps she can go from 2-4 hours without nursing. I don't get it. Why can't she be happier when she's awake?

Ok, I'm sure there is more that I wanted to post but I started this post at 8am and it's now almost 2:30 and I don't think I'll get back to it....

Baby to nurse, house to clean, laundry and dishes to do and Alpaca poo to pick times!

My little Boxer
Rocking her burp clothto sleep...she's tring to be a helper, lol

Sami and her best friend Froggy

Her loving touch...
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