Friday, April 18, 2008

10 Months!!

It's hard to believe that my little princess that I waited so long for is now 10 months old! We actually have to start making plans for her first birthday party!!! OMG how did it go by so fast? I constantly find myself looking at her and wondering how we got here. How did she get so big? How did it go by so fast? It's amazing. She lights up my world each and everyday, and is a constant reminder of what life is all about.
At 10 months the curiosity that is Samantha Lee continues to flourish. She wants to see everything, do everything and taste everything!!! She's very proud of her 6 teeth and wants to try them out whenever possible. Everything goes to the mouth! I have to watch her like a hawk! These days dog food is her favorite thing...I don't understand, she desperately wants to eat some dog food! I swear I feed her...and some darn good food at that, but still she longs for some kibble. Ian jokes that it would be an excellent source of protein...and we could get a whole 20 pound bag for about six bucks! LOL....we'll stick to cheerios, thank you.

This is the finger she insists on storing in her left nostril. She seems to feel it's the perfect fit and should be there at all times...sometimes I wonder if her finger is cold and she's warming it up in there....maybe I should get her some mittens...for now, we'll just keep pulling it out and telling her it's yucky.

She is testing more and more everyday. Learning my boundaries and pushing it all the time. Meal time is a struggle as she likes to throw food, swat at the spoon, spit and wipe food all over her entire head! It's by far my biggest struggle with her right now.
She is almost completely weaned from breastfeeding now...her choice not mine :( She only nurses when she wakes up at night (which is about to stop...the nursing...and the waking I hope) and first thing in the morning. She loves her bottle, but also loves to spit her formula all over the place and let it run out of her mouth all down the front of her...yet another struggle. She refuses to drink her milk from a sippy cup. Cups are good for juice or water but she will only take one sip of the milk and then throw the cup. I think we're going to work on that this week...getting her on to the cup more than the bottle.

She is very vocal, loves to babble and scream her girly screams and tries to say Doggy, that, and Hi...or hey. She also make a Chewbaca sound that she and her Uncle Keith use to's quite amusing.
She has no desire to walk...which is odd because at 8 months all she wanted to do was walk, now she would much rather crawl. She can stand unassisted for as long as she wants but will not take that step. She cruises all along the furniture and window sills and will walk that way, but if you try to take her hands and get her to walk she will drop to her knees or hang there in your hands.
She has no fear, loves to laugh, loves for people to try and scare her or tickle her. She loves any animal she's come in contact with. Chases Patches around and laughs all day. She is loving the warmer weather and likes being outside most of the time.
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