Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ok, maybe it is real.

I'm still not sure that I'm 100% convinced. So I insisted on testing again to make sure that the first one wasn't just a fluke. I went to Wal*mart and bought the cheapest test they had. This is what we got...
Posted by Picasa I guess it's true. I'm trying so hard not to panic.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Could this be true?

I'm still not sure.

Heart. Stopping. Is it true?

Lmp was August 25th. On September 20th I started light spotting and thought Aunt Flo was coming a little early (not completely unusual). 3 days of very light spotting, waiting for AF to start. Day for there's nearly nothing? What is going on? Day 5 absolutly nothing! What?!

Ian says "Test"
Me: "Um, what?"
Ian: "Pee on the stick!"
Me: "No way."

Then I went upstairs and....

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Now I'm a nervous wreck. Not sure I did the right thing. I'm so nervous, it's almost like I'd rather not know, in case something goes wrong. The prayers and caution have officailly started.