Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm So Ready for this!

I want to switch Sami to these
bumGenius 3.0
Would totally do it if I had this to help me start.
In the begining I admit I was kind of repulsed by the mere thought of it, but now...I am totally wanting and willing to try it out. They are not only the most adorable things going, they are also great for our environment, future, and wallet!

Vote for me!! Please pick me!!!

Photo Shoot

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

13 Months

So...we've fallen behind with all the drama going on in our lives right now.
Our little princess is 13 months!!! OMG

She is growing by leaps and bounds and learning so much everyday. She eats like a pig these days, lol. Not sure if it's the molars that are still working their way in, or if it's just that she's growing so much right now, but she does not stop eating!
I am regretting teaching her to sign because all she does is the sign for eat...all day long! She eats more than me on most days! It really is non stop. Anyone else have this happen with their little ones?

I've been trying to do some new portraits of her, but she refuses to sit still and WILL NOT smile at the camera. She just won't. I don't get it. But it is definitely driving me crazy. She's just too busy for me anymore. She is walking more than crawling these days, yet I wouldn't necessarily say she's a walker yet. It's mostly like a Frankenstein walk and very clumsy looking, lol. She's tried running a few times too, but always ends up tripping and falling.
She is sillier than ever. Loves the water, thinks that the bath tub is a water slide and throws herself down the sides of the tub squealing with glee. Swimming in the pool is a challenge, because she just wants to go go go! It's so hard to hold her, she wants to swim all on her own. Her baby float is out of the question most days...she just wants to do everything herself.

We've been implementing "time outs" for a little while now. She does good with it and sits in her little time out chair. She has even started signing "Sorry" after her time out is up. It's so cute! I think she's starting to learn what time out is all about, but sometimes she just can't stop herself. It has helped a great deal with her touching the dogs dishes. She will not walk right past them and rarely messes with them.

Double K day went well. All the kids were well behaved...and the adults too this year, lol. We had decent weather, although it hasn't stopped raining since!

We are still in the same situation (Ian and I). We are selling the house, and actually in contract right now. It's really sad, since this is our dream house, but we both still a bit excited for whatever may come. You have to keep a positive outlook, so we are going with an open mind and ready to start over, where ever that may be. Ian will be interviewing in a few weeks for a new position so wish us luck that everything works out.

Here's a pick of Scott and his BFF covered in mud from ATV'ing

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Monday, July 14, 2008


Lately this is the word of the day..."options"
We have options...lots of options, but no clue where we're going. Everyday our life direction changes. The past week has been a whirlwind of emotions, ideas, and chaos. We are essentially going in 6 different directions at any one time. Lately, I am just praying for some guidance...from God...from family...from friends....from ANYONE! lol. Honestly, Ian and I are stuck with our heads spinning and not knowing which direction to turn. I thank God for our incredible love and marriage that is stronger than ever through this incredibly tumultuous time in our lives. We truly have to choose the fate of our future, our family's future, and our financial future with in the next 2 weeks and are just lost as to what that might be. It's all just such a roller coaster of emotions and we both feel lost in the mist of everything that may or may not be going on around us.
Quite honestly, we're both about ready to give up, sell everything and start over...from scratch!

Bottom line (lol, Keith) is that there is a 50 - 100% chance we will be moving, a 100% chance I will be going back to work and Sami into day soon as we find out where we're living, lol
There are 3 or 4 different potential moving options, and that is what we are struggling most with.

So all in all....wish us luck in our difficult decisions we will be making in the next few weeks.

Here are a couple pics of where are hearts are right now.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

This Week

So we've been at football camp all week. Those of you who know Scott, know that he is not into sports, but Ian and I convinced him to give football a try. He really liked it, although I don't believe I'll see him running off to join the school team anytime soon...just not his crowd I guess :( But I'm glad he had fun with it.

So with summer in full swing here at the Double K Farm, we have Scott staying with us every other week and then with his mom every other week. We pretty much have his first 3 weeks full with different summer camps. This week was Football at the week I think he's doing running clinic at the college and the following week is Engineering & Technology Boot camp at the Community College. So he'll be a busy boy this summer.
Sami is taking the summer off from Kindermusik and we've found a great playgroup in our area with meetups almost everyday in different areas and different things to do, so she's loving that and I'm loving the financial break from Kindermusik, lol.

We have our 2 new girls here on the farm, Leia, and Keith and Jewl's Isis. I'll have to post some pics. The girls are so cute! Isis loves the lambs and is always with them, more so than the other alpacas, it's kind of funny to see her out in the field with the lambs as she is about 10 times the size of them.

There is just so much going on right now it's hard to find time to breath. Our house is for sale, Ian may lose his job, there are talks about moving to Texas, the kids are growing too fast (Scott will be in High School in September!!!) it just seems like everyday has been a whirlwind for the past month or so.
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