Friday, July 04, 2008

This Week

So we've been at football camp all week. Those of you who know Scott, know that he is not into sports, but Ian and I convinced him to give football a try. He really liked it, although I don't believe I'll see him running off to join the school team anytime soon...just not his crowd I guess :( But I'm glad he had fun with it.

So with summer in full swing here at the Double K Farm, we have Scott staying with us every other week and then with his mom every other week. We pretty much have his first 3 weeks full with different summer camps. This week was Football at the week I think he's doing running clinic at the college and the following week is Engineering & Technology Boot camp at the Community College. So he'll be a busy boy this summer.
Sami is taking the summer off from Kindermusik and we've found a great playgroup in our area with meetups almost everyday in different areas and different things to do, so she's loving that and I'm loving the financial break from Kindermusik, lol.

We have our 2 new girls here on the farm, Leia, and Keith and Jewl's Isis. I'll have to post some pics. The girls are so cute! Isis loves the lambs and is always with them, more so than the other alpacas, it's kind of funny to see her out in the field with the lambs as she is about 10 times the size of them.

There is just so much going on right now it's hard to find time to breath. Our house is for sale, Ian may lose his job, there are talks about moving to Texas, the kids are growing too fast (Scott will be in High School in September!!!) it just seems like everyday has been a whirlwind for the past month or so.
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