Thursday, July 24, 2008

13 Months

So...we've fallen behind with all the drama going on in our lives right now.
Our little princess is 13 months!!! OMG

She is growing by leaps and bounds and learning so much everyday. She eats like a pig these days, lol. Not sure if it's the molars that are still working their way in, or if it's just that she's growing so much right now, but she does not stop eating!
I am regretting teaching her to sign because all she does is the sign for eat...all day long! She eats more than me on most days! It really is non stop. Anyone else have this happen with their little ones?

I've been trying to do some new portraits of her, but she refuses to sit still and WILL NOT smile at the camera. She just won't. I don't get it. But it is definitely driving me crazy. She's just too busy for me anymore. She is walking more than crawling these days, yet I wouldn't necessarily say she's a walker yet. It's mostly like a Frankenstein walk and very clumsy looking, lol. She's tried running a few times too, but always ends up tripping and falling.
She is sillier than ever. Loves the water, thinks that the bath tub is a water slide and throws herself down the sides of the tub squealing with glee. Swimming in the pool is a challenge, because she just wants to go go go! It's so hard to hold her, she wants to swim all on her own. Her baby float is out of the question most days...she just wants to do everything herself.

We've been implementing "time outs" for a little while now. She does good with it and sits in her little time out chair. She has even started signing "Sorry" after her time out is up. It's so cute! I think she's starting to learn what time out is all about, but sometimes she just can't stop herself. It has helped a great deal with her touching the dogs dishes. She will not walk right past them and rarely messes with them.

Double K day went well. All the kids were well behaved...and the adults too this year, lol. We had decent weather, although it hasn't stopped raining since!

We are still in the same situation (Ian and I). We are selling the house, and actually in contract right now. It's really sad, since this is our dream house, but we both still a bit excited for whatever may come. You have to keep a positive outlook, so we are going with an open mind and ready to start over, where ever that may be. Ian will be interviewing in a few weeks for a new position so wish us luck that everything works out.

Here's a pick of Scott and his BFF covered in mud from ATV'ing

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