Friday, December 11, 2009


Life is so crazy with 2! I feel like we don't have a moment of rest in this house. But life is good, we take it all in stride and make the best of every situation...not to say that I haven't completely lost my mind in dealing with these terrible two's, but it is what it is and we seal with it one day at a time and do the best we can.

Jillian is 7 months now. She's crawling all over! She started crawling the night before Thanksgiving. She was in the living room with Ian and I came down to get her and put her to bed and she crawled a few paces over to me. Ian looked up and was like "Did you see that!!!" LOL.
Ever since she's been non stop and is fast now! Really fast! lol. She loves to crawl under everything she can. We have some nesting/side tables that she has claimed as her fort, lol. And she loves to crawl under her high chair and sit. The dog food...oh, the dog food! She thinks it's funny to try and steal the dog food. She will stop when I tell her no, turn around and look at me and smile/laugh then go right back to the dog food!
Jilli is eating solids now, anything and everything she can get her hands on. She still has no teeth so I am cutting everything up into tiny tiny pieces and she gums them away! lol. She loves Cheerios, and has had spaghetti, turkey, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, chicken, and I think she's even had broccoli. She doesn't really want anything to do with the baby food any more, she wants what ever we are eating and she wants to do it herself!
We have almost completely weaned this month :( I had a pretty severe case of Mastitis and the doctor ordered me to stop nursing her and I could pump if I wanted, but he did not want her to nurse. Luckily it was only on one side, so I could still nurse on the good side. Jilli refused to take a bottle so it was a pretty rough few weeks during the Mastitis. Finally I bought her a Nuk bottle, since she was taking those pacifiers and she took it! I don't know if it was the bottle, or if she was just finally giving in, because now she will take any bottle.
We're still fighting the reflux and spitting up everyday :(

Sami is just growing like crazy, and keeping us on our toes. She fell and broke her leg in October. We still have no idea how it happened. She was standing in the living room at the coffee table and just fell. Dropped to the ground and started screaming that her leg hurt.
The cast is off now and she is healing well.

I'll have to finish this later because Jilli is up....did I mention she still doesn't sleep through the night and is up every 1,2,3 hours! UGH!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let the giggles begin!

Finally! Jillian is starting to laugh! Sami laughed a lot earlier and a lot more often. I can remember that. A babies laughs are the best thing in this world! Jilli smiles all the time and she's forced a giggle or two out before, but the last few days they are a little easier to get out of her and it brightens my day for sure!
She's really enjoying her one on one time. I try and put the girls down around the same time to nap so that I can get a little break and get the house cleaned up a bit, or feed the farm, or do laundry, dishes...whatever. But lately Jilli has caught on that if Sami is sleeping, she will get ALL the attention! And she's LOVING it! LOL I have to admit, I'm loving it too. Jilli gets a lot of attention all day long, but it's usually unwanted attention from her sister, lol. Or Sami jumps in her face the moment I try and play with her or talk to her. She's Sami's baby!! Apparently Samantha doesn't understand that being mere centimeters from her face is probably not that enjoyable for Jillian, hahaha. I am constantly telling her to back up and give her space. The poor girl needs to breathe!
So anyway, Jilli and I love our Mommy and Me time with just the two of us, but then once Sami's up she gives her the BIGGEST smiles in the whole world, seriously I don't know how she makes her smile that big, but she does it, and only for her sister, who she adores!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where to start....

The problem with leaving the blog world is that it truly miss it when I'm gone. Then the days, weeks, months go by and suddenly I feel so far behind that I don't even know how to start a blog post :( So much has happened. So much is changing everyday. There is so much to tell that will likely never be told. No one even comes here anymore. I keep making empty promises that I will be back to update more regularly, but that never happens. So I guess let's just start with today and maybe memories and stories will pop into the mix along the way.

We have been enjoying a great weekend with the family. It seems Ian is gone for work most of the time these days. It's so hard to get caught up and it's sad having him gone. Yesterday we went to one of Scott's track meets and it was GREAT! He's awesome! I can not believe that he is running track now. If someone had told me a year ago that Scott would be running, I would have told them they were nuts! He now runs all the time! And not like a little jog down the road and a 6 mile RUN!! He's really good too. He has changed so much in the last year. Going from a boy to a young man. He did great on his race he came in at 21.01 and it was just over 3 miles. He ran with Varsity yesterday which is a major accomplishment, especially since it was only his 3rd race and he's been moved up. We're so proud of him!

Sami and I are struggling through the terrible 2's. She is very temperamental and just down right naughty at times. The good times are so great, but the bad times are real bad. All in all, I wouldn't change it for the world. I love all the new things she says and does every day. I love how she can help with things and I love how she is learning so much so quickly. She is incredibly smart and so quick to catch on to things. She truly is a sponge taking in everything! I can tell she's going to have another language explosion soon because she is repeating everything we say again. She seems to do this in phases and then reaches a new level in her speech and language abilities.
Sami is a singer. She sings all day every day. She loves music. I can't believe how quick she picks up new songs and will begin singing them over and over again. Lately we've been working on her name. She can spell her first name, and she's learning that we all have the same last name. It's really cute.

Our little Jilli Bean is growing way too fast. It's sad really. I can't slow down the time and it's killing me. I don't want her to grow too fast, but at the same time I can't wait to truly see her personality. I mean, life with Sami at 2 is so hard, but it's so amazing to have conversations with her and be able to communicate. Jilli loves to smile. She adores her sister and thinks that she is the best thing in the world! We song a good morning song every morning when we wake up (Sami really does the singing, I am more like moaning "God why don't you children sleep!") and Jilli smiles so big it must hurt! She doesn't even have her eyes open all the way, but she hears Sami's voice and she is just filled with joy! It's just a true blessing everyday to see the two of them together, I hope and pray everyday that this bond remains strong and they are always so loving and close with each other.
Jillian has just recently started finally sleeping in her crib. She has reflux and has been sleeping in the swing to try and keep her elevated at night. She's starting to get too big for that and seemed way too uncomfortable in it. She was too restricted and couldn't roll or stretch and I think that was waking her. She still doesn't sleep through the night :( But Sami didn't sleep through the night until she was 10-11 months old, so I'm in for the long haul.
Along with the reflux, Jilli was diagnosed with what her GI (Gastro doc) specialist thought was Laryngomalacia. She breathes funny. She has since she was born. She makes a noise when she breaths that sounds like she is grunting a little, or that she needs to cough or clear her throat. So the GI says it's Laryngomalacia, I googled and you tubed and it seems like what she has. The videos and sound bites I've watched and listened to sound just like her. However, she has been to the ENT (Ear, nose and Throat Doc) twice and each time he did a scope and he insists that she does NOT have Laryngomalacia and that the noise is due solely to the reflux and secretions that are coming up and she's gurgling them and that's making the noise.
It sucks either way. I feel like it's more than just the reflux, but it has gotten better since she's been born and both doctors say that it's something she will most likely grow out of either way, reflux and Laryngomalacia. The ENT would be able to see a Laryngomalacia with the scopes that he did and he did not see it. She does have narrow vocal cords though...whatever that means. All I know is that she sometimes breathes funny. She's had overnight oximeter tests to check her O2 levels and everything checks out fine. She's growing fine and she's happy. So for now we will continue with the reflux meds and just continue to monitor her and see how it goes. She will not be going back to ENT unless she gets worse or has some new issue. It doesn't make sense to subject her to the scope again if there is nothing there for them to see.

So that sums up a little of what we've been up to lately.
Sami's still not potty trained. We've stopped it all together mostly, until she seems ready again.
Jilli is still breastfeeding and has started stage 2 foods. She LOVES bananas, and hates cereal of any kind, and formula.

Ok, I need to get to bed now. I hope to be back soon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

How did this happen?

The one thing I've learned about being a parent, is that time suddenly goes way too fast and no matter what you do there is no way to slow it down. I can not believe how fast the kids are growing, it's sad that these moments go by so quickly. I promise to do my best to hold on to each and every one of them.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

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Look at that strength! At 2 months!!

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I had turned my back for one minute, came back and was busy opening the mail when I looked up and found this!

All I wanted to do was scream! But I grabbed the camera instead and captured one of those OMG moments. There were Spagettios EVERYWHERE!! She dumped them on Patches head too. Poor dog. I was freaking out trying to get patch to sit still, I was so afraid that she was going to go to the carpet and roll all over and there would be spagettios embedded in the carpet!

Jillian's beatiful eyes

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Me, Sami, and her Nanny at the lake

Sami and Nanny (Ian's Mom)

Scott feeding the seagulls

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Jillian's room. Eventually, I think that we are going to have the girls share a room, so this will be "the girls room"

This is what I get when I try to take a picture of him, lol.

Aww, her love bug!

Ian and Jillian. They are SO cute!
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Happy girl

Sami and Jilli playing with the dollies

Jilli is terrified of Sam, lol

But they love each other SOOO much!
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This is her freezing face, lol. She shakes like she is really freezing and tenses up.

This is her Hot face, lol

Chew chew chew, she loves those fingers!
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Girls

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Monday, June 15, 2009


I can't believe that Jillian is almost 2 months old and I haven't been updating this blog :( I keep wanting too, but just never seem to find the time. Especially a time where I have both hands free to be able to type, lol.

Jillian is growing way too fast! It's crazy! I swear she is growing faster than Sami did. She has been smiling and cooing for weeks! I don't remember Sami doing this this early. Jillian will look at you and smile and try and make noises already. She's getting quite good too. I am amazed at her development. She holds her head up very well and when on her belly, with the boppy pillow under her shoulders, she can hold her head at a 90 degree angle and look all around. She tries to laugh, but the noises don't come out yet. It's so amazing to watch her try and make new noises and you can see how proud she is when something comes out, lol.
She LOVES to have her diaper off. She smiles every time I am changing her diaper, as soon as she hears the Velcro undoing the diaper, she lights up, lol. It cracks me up every time, then she tries to laugh too.
She's somewhat more needy, or clingy than Sami was. Samantha always wanted her own space, Jillian wants to cuddle at night or be held. If she's not being held/cuddled, nursing or in her swing, then she's pretty much not happy. Ian and I are not fans of co sleeping, but Jillian seems to have other plans for us. She likes to spoon! LMAO.

She spends most of the day in the swing, which I always feel guilty about, but it's the only place she's happy. I feel bad when Sami and I are playing, or going outside and she just wants to sit in the swing. She's not happy being outside. We try to bring her out in the stroller, but after about 5 minutes she's screaming for her swing! And she doesn't like to be in the wrap, like Sami did, so it makes it difficult.

Jillian does do good in the car though...much better than Sami did..and at the store too, maybe she will be my shopping partner since Sami really isn't a fan, unless lots of snacks are involved, lol.
Samantha is a little too in love with Jilli. She smothers her and it's hard to give Jilli tummy time or just time on the play mat because Sami is all over her! I'm beginning to think that is why Jilli likes the swing so much, lol, she feels safe from Sam in there. Sami was trying to play with Jilli yesterday and fell on Jilli's leg. Jillian screamed the most horrible scream I've ever heard and I cried my eyes out while checking to make sure nothing was broken! Today she has a nice bruise on her leg and my heart is officially broken :(
I'm having a hard time keeping Sami under control when she's playing with Jillian. She gets really excited and carried away. She doesn't realize that she's getting rough.

Now onto Sami...She is getting smarter by the second! She now talks in full sentences, she comes out with some pretty funny expressions and is always making us laugh. This morning Jillian was coughing/gaging and Sami said to her, "Careful, Careful, Careful Jilli. Oh my goodness!" I was laughing so hard, she is always cracking me up with something.
We decided to work on potty training this it normal for a toddler to pee 5 times with in 30 minutes? OMG! Guess I'll be steam cleaning the house today! By the 6th "accident" (She says "Oh no, accident! Napkin, Napkin!" every time she goes in her pants, lol. She wants a napkin to clean it up.) she got up and ran to the bathroom on her own and sat down on the potty. I rushed in after her and helped/reminded her to take off her panties...and she peed!!!! YAY!!!She's straight into pull ups...really this is just practice. She still can't take her pants down by herself, so I'm thinking it might be too early still...I don't know? Do kids need to be able to take their pants off first? I mean, I'll have to help her every time anyway, right? I guess it's just teaching her to tell us when she has to go so we can get her to the that the way it works?

Anyway, I really need to commit more to this blog, because I do want to capture all these moments of the kids childhood. Facebook is consuming my internet time...and the fact that my internet time has greatly decreased with the new baby and the nice weather. I'll work on it.