Monday, April 30, 2007

Let the nerves begin...

Well, this weekend I've finally started getting nervous about this whole birth thing. I don't know if it's nerves or anxiety. We're all getting really excited around here. Scott even said he needs to learn how to change a diaper this weekend! Something he's been dead set against up until this point, lol. He went through all her stuff Friday night and wanted to know how everything worked, the pack n'play, the car seat, the stroller, the diaper was so cute.
I started having some cramps here and there this weekend. Kind of like the cramps you get before you get your period. Just achy and uncomfortable. It kind of freaks you out when you're not sure what you're supposed to be feeling and what you're not. Plus, I haven't had to deal with cramps for 8 months now! It was a glorious 8 months, lol. We see the doc again on Thursday and we'll see what she has to say. I'm also meeting with the babies doctor on Friday. Any advise on questions I should ask her?
Well, that's about it for now. We had a great weekend even though it rained both days :( today it's going to be close to 80 and I'm headed outside for the day! The messy house can wait, I miss the sun!
Each week gets more and more real that this baby could be here at any time!

Here are a few pics from our rainy weekend...

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Friday, April 27, 2007

34 weeks

Ian's new toy...

and to think all I wanted was a Dyson! LOL.

I have to get a 34 week pic up. Not right now but I'll try and get it done today, I promise. I've been very tired this week. I think this pregnancy thing is catching up with me. The baby has been getting the hiccups a lot this week! At least 3 times a day. Her movements are getting stronger too. I don't like when she flips "sunny side up" and I can feel her poking out the front of my stomach...yuck! It's so weird. I can't wait for her to get here! Not that I'm wishing the pregnancy away, I'm taking full advantage of sleeping when I want and being able to come and go on a whim, I just can't wait to meet her and have her here with us. I'm so excited!

So pretty much nothing going on this week except for Ian's new bike and we've cleaned the barn out to possible prepare for a couple of these...

We'll see what happens with that...

This is what's been making me laugh this week. He cracks me up!

Patches was jelous that I was filming Bruno and not her, lol.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

33 weeks and shower pics

Here's a 33 week belly shot.
I gained 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks, putting us up to a 21 pound weight gain thus far. It's getting more and more real everyday. The doc gave us her card with her home, cell AND pager #! Wow, we must be close now.
We got an ultrasound this week...just for fun and because our doctor loves us, lol. She's head down and very skwirmy! We didn't get to see her profile or face, but we saw everything else and she looks perfect! I can't wait to meet her!

Here are a few pics from the shower...
The animals on the table match our nursery theme. They were so perfect! I loved it!
The cake was adorable! and yummy too!
Here are my 2 assistants helping me with the gifts. The girls had so much fun and were just too cute! They loved all the baby stuff.
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Monday, April 16, 2007

No internet, No TV, Oh my!

Those of you who know me, know that I live out in the middle of nowhere. Thus, we depend solely on satellites for communication with the outside world. Well, when it’s the middle of April and the skies let loose with ice, rain, snow, and more ice all satellites go down. Therefore…no internet…no TV! And of course no leaving the house because there is almost 2 feet of snow blocking my garage door.

All I want to do is blog and check emails and shop online. Is that too much to ask?

We’ve been on vacation for the last week. I haven’t used the computer for a week and I’m going through withdrawal!! I’m typing all this in a word document with hopes to copy and paste it to the blog later…hopefully today!

So lets catch up, shall we?
Saturday was Emily’s birthday party. It was nice to be with family and play with the kids. The party was at Julie’s parents house. They have one of the puppies from the last litter. It was so great to see him and cuddle and play with the dog, he’s so sweet and so cute! His coloring looks just like Patches, but his eyes and face expressions look like Bruno. It was so much fun to finally have Julie, Emily and Keith home.

Did I write about Easter? I’d look back in my blog and see but…that’s right no internet!
Easter was Awesome! The kids had a blast Ian gave them way too much candy, and their parents “conveniently” left behind some chocolate bunnies and candy as they packed up to leave, lol. We literally have 10 chocolate bunnies in our freezer!
We did an egg hunt for the kids with 100 eggs, they each got 20. It was so much fun! I wish I had video taped them running all around. Since winter has not left upstate NY we had to have the egg hunt in the house, so we hid all the eggs upstairs.
It was a great day. Lots of fun, family and food. It doesn’t get better than that.
This morning I am still vacuuming up green Easter grass from the dining room floor, lol.

Monday morning we brought the dogs to the kennel (Patches had severe separation anxiety and it was very sad to leave her there)

We headed up to the lodge at Lake George to meet Keith, Jewl, and Em.
We spent 3 days at the water park and ate as if every meal was our last, lol. I think we ate more in 3 days than any of us normally eat in a week. The boys had a blast running around the park and going down the water slides and playing basketball in the pool. Jewl and I played with Em in the kiddy pools. I had a blast watching her splash around in the water and going down the kiddy slides. She’s SO cute!
Julie and I hit up the outlets and bought some more fun baby stuff. I LOVE Carter’s! I think we could have spent all day there.
The spa at the hotel was on our floor so we figured we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Julie and I both got 50 min. massages. It was so nice! Except my masseuse was a very odd looking man. Short and skinny, with an abnormally large head for his body and a huge bouffant hairdo, lol he was a character to look at.

Some pics from the hotel:

We came home Wednesday night and pretty much just veg'ed out on Thursday and spent some time, just the three of us.

Here's a 32 Week belly shot:
Friday we hooked up with the in-laws for lunch and went back to their house. Ian, Keith and Scott went out for a hike to the boodle hole. Ian and Keith decided to start a new tradition of swimming in the boodle hole in April! They are lucky they didn’t kill themselves. There was ice in the waterfalls and these two went swimming!….NAKED!
They’re crazy!

Saturday was the baby shower. It was perfect! I had so much fun and the baby and I were SO spoiled! We got so many gifts! I hope she stays small long enough to wear all the adorable outfits she got.
I didn’t have my camera so I’ll have to wait for Julie’s pictures. We had so much fun, playing games, chatting with everyone, eating, and of course seeing all the adorable baby stuff. I wanted to start the thank you’s today, but I’m snowed in so it will have to wait until tomorrow.
Our friends Justin and Laurie came over Saturday night. I gave them directions (Sorry Laurie, lol. Not sure where that one street name came from) and they were going to meet us at our house. On our way home Ian got off the exit before ours because he wanted to get gas. As he was paying the toll he said he could smell rubber. We pulled over and guess what…A flat tire! Completely flat! Thank God we got off the highway when we did because that tire was ready to go and at 80mph we would have been in some serious trouble. So, Justin and Laurie beat us to our house…even with the bad directions, lol. We eventually made it safe and sound.
Justin and Laurie spent the night and Sunday morning Ian made us all pancakes and we went through all the baby gifts from the shower. Then we all sat in the living room putting baby apparatus together. Swings, travel systems, bouncy seats, it’s awesome! I can’t wait for her to get here!

We got three of the same bouncy seat, thanks to Target not updating my registry. But it will actually work out perfect because I can return the two extra and get a play yard for free.

Thank you to everyone that came to the shower, and a special thanks to Julie, Mary, and Mom for a wonderful shower. I love you guys! The shower was great! Thank you so much!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

31 Weeks

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

An attempt...

at a coherent post. We'll see how this goes.

Obviously, Ian's back from Jersey! Thank God. I was about to loose my mind.

I had a great weekend! I'm so glad that April is here because we have a bunch planned for this month.

Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day. We spent the whole day outside, Ian even got sunburned on his face! Scott was with us and he enjoyed playing outside and ATVing and we went up and down our street to pick up any trash that has accumulated and melted out of the snow banks. It's amazing how much people litter. It's GROSS! It seems that especially on a country road like ours, people feel that it is perfectly acceptable to throw their trash out their car window. Anyway, it was actually nice family time spent together on the 4 wheelers picking up trash along the road and I think Scott learned a thing or two about littering.

Sunday morning Ian and I got up early to play an April Fools joke on Scott. We papered his bedroom door so that it looked like a wall when he came out, he had to rip through it to get out.

Sunday was also Ryleigh's birthday party. We had a blast! Ian had to work :( but Scott and I went and had a great time. Scott was so sweet all day and proved how he is going to be an awesome big brother. He loves Cole and Ryleigh, and I don't think he can wait to have his very own little sister.

Being an only child for 12 years it is often hard to share or give to others. Scott has always had moments of sincere generosity, as well as some moments of selfishness. At the party (it was at a indoor kids place, arcade and bouncy rides) he used his own money for the extra games that he wanted to play. Once he spent all his money, he went to turn in his tickets for prizes. He got a goofy headband thing for himself, then he got a smiley face ring for Cole and some candy for Ryleigh.

After lunch he asked for more $ for the arcade. I gave him some, once he got his tokens he came back to the table, as we were getting ready for cake. While the kids were sitting at the table Scott gave the boys each 2 of his tokens so they could play too. I was amazed. It was so nice to see him sharing and being mature.

At the end of the party Ryleigh lost her balloon and started to cry. Scott quickly handed over his to her and she was all smiles again. Then he played with her until we left and it was SO cute!

Ryleigh loving her cousin.

He's really getting excited about the baby. He was rubbing my belly and loving it all weekend. So cute!

So...not too bad so far. A pretty long post, pics and all! I'm impressed.

We have another doctor's appointment tomorrow. I cannot believe that this baby will be here in only 8 weeks! WOW. I can't wait. I'll try to post tomorrow about the dr.

Monday, April 02, 2007

I want a DYSON!

A couple of you have joined the 5 minute mom site. I've browsed, I've considered, but I need a dyson! So, when I read that they are giving one away, I just HAD to join in for a chance.
Now I know that chances are VERY slim that I would win, and I don't think I've ever won anything, but I had to try. Here's the link if you want to join and try to win too...although, you entering would lower my statistical chances, lol. Just kidding, we'd all love to win one of these things.