Sunday, September 28, 2008

9 weeks 4 days

So Wednesday night the spotting returned. Still very light, but I couldn't wait any more. First thing Thursday morning I called and scheduled a sonogram for Friday morning. Friday I woke up to more spotting....much, much more. I was terrified. I thought for sure that it was the end, it was all over. I packed Sami up, got the snacks, cup and toys to keep her busy at the doctors office and off we went. Sitting in the waiting room, surrounded by pregnant women, and a 6 week old new born and new mom, I probably could have lost it, but my little princess kept me too busy to even think about why we were there or what fate was a waiting us, and the smiles and admiration I saw on the other women's faces let me know that I am truly blessed and lucky to have my beautiful little girl and that would pull me through anything.

Finally, they call us in and we get our selves situated in the room and start the show.

Immediately I could see the head of the baby and I sighed my first half-hearted sigh of relief...then the sweet little flicker...another sigh...then the sound, and the measurement....171 bpm...perfect!!! So as we look around and measure the baby I can see the little hands moving and feet kicking and then the smile a mile wide and the tears of relief start coming. I was in complete shock and just out of my mind with happiness. So here's the sneak peak of our little peanut...

So we searched and searched and found reason for the bleeding, no explanation, just some amazing little pictures and word that our little peanut is perfect. The baby measures 9 weeks 4 days, which is just about right on from my LMP and due date...on Friday I would have been 10 weeks by my LMP.

The rest of the weekend, I've had nothing. No spotting, no problems. Then Ian left again for LI....and literally minutes after he pulled out of the driveway, it started again! I'm beginning to think I'm losing my mind. Is it emotional spotting? lol...does that exist? What the heck could it be?

It has slowed down again and is very light, and I'm still in no pain or discomfort, so we shall see what the week brings.

Keep us in your prayers.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day by Day

Sami's tooth still hasn't broke through, but no more fever so that's good. She's been wanting to eat non-stop, which happened before with her top molars coming in.

I've been feeling ok...had a little bit of light spotting for about 3 days, but no cramping. I had the same thing with Sami, around the same time...weird, I wonder what causes it. Dr.'s said last time that it's probably just some blood vessels rupturing and passing, no big deal. Of course this time it happened on the weekend, and I felt fine, so I wasn't going to spend 12 hours in the ER, then Monday when I was going to call the doctor, it stopped. So I'm just taking it easy, and trying not to stress. Been fine ever since.
I've been trying to use the doppler, but no luck yet, it's still really early. I swear I can hear something though. Either I have a really noisy digestive system, or I can hear the baby moving. I hear real quick distant sounds of a heartbeat swoop by, but nothing that you could be certain of.

I don't go back to the doctor until the 8th, so it will be a long wait until then. On the other hand, I start work on Monday and Sami goes to daycare, so I know it will go by fast.

We are finally out of our contract with our real estate agent (Thank you Laurie!!!) and have moved on to what we hope is a much better agent. Hopefully this new agent will be able to help us, and we are hoping to hear news on where Ian's job will lead him in the next few weeks. So we can start to move forward and figure out where to start our future. Then I'm sure I'll be dying to know what we're having so that we can start planning, planning, planning...for this baby. For now, it's just kind of on the back burner, so to speak. It's just one thing we can't really think about right now. Honestly, I don't think it's even really set in that we are going to be having another little one soon. It still just doesn't feel real. It feels like this is something that we should be more stressed about, but honestly we're just not. Not sure why...maybe it's because there are just too many other things to stress about right now, lol.
So for now...we just keep going with the flow. Taking life day by day, and dealing with whatever it decides to throw at us. One thing at a time.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Sami POOPED on the POTTY!!!! OMG
Big news people!! Big, BIG news!
We're not really potty training, and I think that it has more to do with her amusement with farting, but still! My 15 month old pooped on the potty!!!! lol
She loves her little potty seat, and we have it in the bathroom right across from the real potty. Daddy put her on the potty a couple weeks ago cause she kept going in there when he would go to go to the he took her diaper off and gave her a chance, but nothing. Well, ever since then, every time I go to the bathroom, she comes running in and takes the cover off her potty and sits on it. So tonight I thought, what the heck, I'll give her a try too. Put her on the pot, and I sat down to do my business and told her to go potty and sure enough...she did!

She's been dramatically amused by her own toots lately, so much so that she will push until she turns red, just to hear the most delightful sound of her own gas. Yep, she's quite a lady.
So honestly, I think she was really looking for a good laugh and got more than she bargained for, but I was impressed!

So, there you have it...poop in the big announcement! LOL

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well, I tried

I tried to upload a video of Sami dancing to "If you're happy and you know it." But of course blogger won't work. I don't get it...maybe it's me, but the blogger video upload never works! UGH!

So..and update. I am still feeling nauseous, although less so, but it's still there, and now am more fatigued everyday. It stinks being do tired and lethargic on some days.

We finally found a day care for Sami, and as the start date gets closer and closer, I am getting more and more nervous. I love that she will be able to spend her days with other kids and play with them and I know she will learn so much from that interaction, but...I just wish it was under my supervision. I also know that she will benefit from the separation from me and a different routine...but one can love her like me! So throw in the extra pregnancy hormones and there you have it...I'm dreading this!

I know she will be safe and cared for and I have confidence in her day care provider, but it just won't be the same. We got the chance to go yesterday and spend a few hours at daycare so Sam could meet some of the other kids and play for a bit. It was nice, but still a little hard for me to gauge how things work on a daily basis, since the day care provider spent most of the time chatting with me, but her assistant was all about the little ones, so that was nice. I kind of get the feeling that the assistant is the lovey one and she is the rule setter. Anyway, Samantha had fun, and I think she will like it overall.

What else? What else?....well, Ian is going away for 2 weeks for work, but will be home on the weekends :( Normally it would be fine, but this means he will be gone for my first week of work, and Sami's first week of day care :( Hope I make it through the week ok, I'll just have to go to bed at night when Sami goes, lol, cause I know I'm going to be exhausted!

No other word on Ian's job. We are meeting with a new real estate agent on Saturday to hopefully, get this house on track and sold. Hopefully we will hear something soon about Ian's job so we can start figuring out where the heck we're going from here.

Monday, September 08, 2008

The details...

Ok....So as far as we know I am about 6 or 7 weeks preggers. I am going to the Dr. on Wednesday, and my suspected due date is April 24th. While Ian and I were both pretty much in shock for the first week, we are all very happy and excited to have this new baby joining our lives. There has been so much going on and I am so far behind in the blog world.
Ian and I brought the kids (Scott and Sami) to Niagara falls two weeks ago. We had a great time and the weather was beautiful. The kids were very well behaved and it was just and overall great time...well, except for the second day when Sami got up at 3am....for the day! That was a bit rough especially since we're all in one hotel room. The first night she woke up at around 6am and Ian got up with her and took her out for a walk so Scott and I could sleep. The 3am shift was my turn and we went for a 3 hour walk!!! Fun times! LOL.
I have a ton of pics...I'll have to post later.
While in Canada I got a call for a job offer, and will be going back to work on the 29th. Which means Sami will be going to day care, and I have been doing nothing but searching for a good one ever since. While it is killing me to bring her to day care, I really think that it will be better for both of us. Bringing in some money will help our household, and Sami being with other kids will help her socially too.
So, our house is still for sale...our real estate agent is the worst we've ever had and we're stuck with her until December. We have no news on Ian's job and are in the dark about what is to happen next with his company...guess we'll know more on 11/22, lol. Ian has gone back to school and started classes a few weeks ago. He's determined to get all A's and is pretty much addicted to school, lol. He's doing great!
He had Pneumonia this past week and is still recovering, but feeling much better now. I have been having my own battle with nausea all week. I don't remember feeling this sick with Sami, but I was already working at the time and therefore I was a lot busier. Sometimes I think that it might just be because I'm home and have time to think about it. If I stay moving it's not as bad.

Sami is getting more and more defiant, and proving that she is her own entity. She is determined to do things her way. It has been a bit of a struggle, but for the most part she's still a really good baby. She likes to exercise her voice and her opinion. She still eats non stop and LOVES food! Carrots or bananas are her most favorite things. Veggies are harder to get her to eat...other than carrots and peas, and sweet potatoes. She has yet to turn down any kind of fruit, well except Kiwi, but we haven't tried that one in awhile.
She runs all over the place and LOVES to Dance, Dance, Dance! It is the funniest thing to watch. She also loves to stomp her feet. If you're happy and you know it Stomp your feet!...She loves it, lol. She is trying very hard to jump....also very amusing to watch. She tries with all her might, but can only seem to get one foot off the ground at a time, lol. Too cute.

So there you have it...the short version of what's been going on with us. Everything in life is crazy right now and we are just taking things one day at a time....that's all you really can do. We know everything will work out just fine and we have a lot of loving and supporting family to help us through, so there are no worries on that front.

Here are a few pics of the princess outside the other day. She was having a dance party all on her own. I took a few videos I'll try and get them to upload later, when I have more time...right now it's off to call more day cares!


All Done!
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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Guess What!

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