Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day by Day

Sami's tooth still hasn't broke through, but no more fever so that's good. She's been wanting to eat non-stop, which happened before with her top molars coming in.

I've been feeling ok...had a little bit of light spotting for about 3 days, but no cramping. I had the same thing with Sami, around the same time...weird, I wonder what causes it. Dr.'s said last time that it's probably just some blood vessels rupturing and passing, no big deal. Of course this time it happened on the weekend, and I felt fine, so I wasn't going to spend 12 hours in the ER, then Monday when I was going to call the doctor, it stopped. So I'm just taking it easy, and trying not to stress. Been fine ever since.
I've been trying to use the doppler, but no luck yet, it's still really early. I swear I can hear something though. Either I have a really noisy digestive system, or I can hear the baby moving. I hear real quick distant sounds of a heartbeat swoop by, but nothing that you could be certain of.

I don't go back to the doctor until the 8th, so it will be a long wait until then. On the other hand, I start work on Monday and Sami goes to daycare, so I know it will go by fast.

We are finally out of our contract with our real estate agent (Thank you Laurie!!!) and have moved on to what we hope is a much better agent. Hopefully this new agent will be able to help us, and we are hoping to hear news on where Ian's job will lead him in the next few weeks. So we can start to move forward and figure out where to start our future. Then I'm sure I'll be dying to know what we're having so that we can start planning, planning, planning...for this baby. For now, it's just kind of on the back burner, so to speak. It's just one thing we can't really think about right now. Honestly, I don't think it's even really set in that we are going to be having another little one soon. It still just doesn't feel real. It feels like this is something that we should be more stressed about, but honestly we're just not. Not sure why...maybe it's because there are just too many other things to stress about right now, lol.
So for now...we just keep going with the flow. Taking life day by day, and dealing with whatever it decides to throw at us. One thing at a time.