Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well, I tried

I tried to upload a video of Sami dancing to "If you're happy and you know it." But of course blogger won't work. I don't get it...maybe it's me, but the blogger video upload never works! UGH!

So..and update. I am still feeling nauseous, although less so, but it's still there, and now am more fatigued everyday. It stinks being do tired and lethargic on some days.

We finally found a day care for Sami, and as the start date gets closer and closer, I am getting more and more nervous. I love that she will be able to spend her days with other kids and play with them and I know she will learn so much from that interaction, but...I just wish it was under my supervision. I also know that she will benefit from the separation from me and a different routine...but one can love her like me! So throw in the extra pregnancy hormones and there you have it...I'm dreading this!

I know she will be safe and cared for and I have confidence in her day care provider, but it just won't be the same. We got the chance to go yesterday and spend a few hours at daycare so Sam could meet some of the other kids and play for a bit. It was nice, but still a little hard for me to gauge how things work on a daily basis, since the day care provider spent most of the time chatting with me, but her assistant was all about the little ones, so that was nice. I kind of get the feeling that the assistant is the lovey one and she is the rule setter. Anyway, Samantha had fun, and I think she will like it overall.

What else? What else?....well, Ian is going away for 2 weeks for work, but will be home on the weekends :( Normally it would be fine, but this means he will be gone for my first week of work, and Sami's first week of day care :( Hope I make it through the week ok, I'll just have to go to bed at night when Sami goes, lol, cause I know I'm going to be exhausted!

No other word on Ian's job. We are meeting with a new real estate agent on Saturday to hopefully, get this house on track and sold. Hopefully we will hear something soon about Ian's job so we can start figuring out where the heck we're going from here.