Thursday, May 22, 2008

May what?

This is Sami playing outside today!!! It's almost the end of May and she still has to wear her hat outside cause it's been so darn COLD!

On a good's a pretty rainbow we saw today.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Sami wore her first set of pig tails today! It was a big hit at K1ndermus1k. Her hair really isn't long enough to justify these pig tails but I just couldn't resist! lol

I got a hair cut too...decided to get bangs again. I have mixed feelings about them. Ian just keeps laughing at me and telling me I look like a 6th grader. I think we're both starting to get used to them now though, lol. Not sure if they'll stay or not...
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Boo boo booty :(

Sami has the worst case of diaper rash I have ever seen!!! OMG it's horrible! Her little bum and entire diaper area is so red. She was fine yesterday morning and then I put her down for a nap and about an hour into it Patches snuck into her room and woke her...ugh.
So Sami woke screaming and I went in to get her and she was inconsolable. I thought at first that Patches had startled her and she was scared and that's why she was screaming and crying so bad...then I thought maybe she has a head ache...I know sometimes when I wake up suddenly I get a really bad head ache. I tried everything. She was literally crawling up my body and screaming and I could not calm her down. I brought her into our room and held her on our bed and tried to cuddle with her and hold her. She would climb all over me I would try and give her her space (since she's not a clingy baby to begin with) she would crawl over to me and rest her head on me and try and catch her breath. I could tell she was still tired but just so upset.
I layed down next to her and she climbed on top of me and nestled her face in my neck and finally fell asleep for a bit (about 15 minutes, maybe)
She woke again still upset and crying. I smelled that she needed a diaper and changed her. She was red, but it didn't seem that bad. I cleaned her up and held her some more. She sat on my lap and stared at me totally expressionless for about 20 minutes. My heart ached for her. Something wasn't right. I thought maybe it was her teeth. I kept feeling in her mouth for molars or anything pressing through but there was nothing.
We went downstairs and I gave her some Tylen0l, to help with the teething or headache or whatever it was that was giving her so much pain.
I sat her in the high chair and I started to try and think of what was wrong. she was clenching her legs when I held her and wouldn't sit on my hip when I carried her downstairs. She would curl her legs up and hold them there.
While she was in her high chair eating her snack she burst into tears and started screaming twice, but only for a few seconds. I again thought maybe it was teeth.

After her snack I changed her again and realized what it was. She had peed and her diaper area was so raw that when she peed in her high chair it was burning her.
In just a few minutes it had gone from a little red to raw burning red. I was horrified. I loaded her up with some diaper cream.
Later that night it became redder and was wet all on the surface. I wiped/blotted and dried her and it was wet was RAW skin and very painful.
I put some medicine on her before bed that I had from a rash when she was a newborn and she slept through the night and woke up with a smile.
When I changed her morning diaper I could see she was drying up and healing but now there were blisters. OMG.
This poor girl. She seems much better today and is not in as much pain but it still looks incredibly painful!
It's definitely healing and getting better but if this redness doesn't go down by tomorrow afternoon we will be headed to the Dr.
Thank God she's at least not in any pain anymore! I just don't understand how this happened. She was fine one minute and horrible the next. It's unbelievable how fast this rash came on.

Poor baby booty :(

Monday, May 12, 2008

11 Months

A little late again...

11 Months already!! It's so crazy, in just one short month my little peanut will be a year old. I find it especially hard when I'm shopping for clothes for her. It's so hard to realize that she is not an infant anymore and we need to move to the toddler section. I find myself always looking at the infant clothes and then getting frustrated because they don't have it in her size...then I realize it's because she's a big girl now :(

So...let's see what's new with Sami...
She is a very smiley baby/toddler, although she is starting to throw her share of temper tantrums which is making me very afraid of the terrible twos, lol. It's very hard for her, she is trying more and more to communicate and she definitely has her own opinions now.
She is learning to sign some more, all done, and milk. However, I think that her sign for more really means Cheeri0s in her mind, lol. She has also started blowing kisses and waving bye-bye. I'm not sure why it has taken her so long to learn to wave, but she is very reluctant to wave to people or blow kisses...she certainly doesn't just give them out to anyone, lol.

She's one the brink of walking. Just in the last week she's really started showing an interest again in it. She's almost there, just needs to work on her confidence.
She's been eating very well lately. Her favorites are still pasta and cheeri0s and bread, but she has recently fallen in love with turkey and peas and beans. She really will eat just about everything and anything, but she does have her favorites.
Oh...and we've started swim class! She is amazing!! She loves the water and is sticking her head under and blowing bubbles in the water and puts her whole face in and she can float with her arm floaties on all by her self!!! Well only for a few seconds but hey that's pretty darn good!
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