Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We made it...

Made it to Galveston.
Sami did great on both flights. Even though we planned on being here around 6:30pm last night and due to delays we didn't get in until after 10pm TX time. Ugh, it was a LONG day. The kids did great though.
On the first flight Ian and I were separated. He sat in the first row and Scott, Sami and I sat all the way in the last row, lol. Sami was an angel on the flight and Scott loved sharing her first flight with her and wanted her to sit on his lap to look out the window, even though she didn't quite get the concept, it was cute. She sat quietly and played and just relaxed and sat still.
There was another baby, about a year and a half, that screamed the whole way :( poor thing. Ian kept thinking it was Sami and was coming back to check on her.

The second flight was late at night and she really didn't get any good naps in. She fell asleep just before we got on the second flight and then once we got on the plane there was some security thing and the whole airport was shut down until it was again we were delayed. She woke up just before take off and was a little restless for most of the flight. She did good though. As good as an 8 month old who was up at 4am (OMG, why doesn't this child sleep) could do.

Does anyone else have a child with an extreme fear of those public rest room changing tables? Sami SCREAMS and shakes and is just terrified of them :( it's horrible. I had to change her on the plane in the lavoratory(they have a changing station in there, I was shocked by that) and she was so scared, it broke my heart. She was fine the instant I picked her up but while she was laying there she was crying and shaking and just so scared. In the first airport she was so scared on the changing table that she pee'ed all over! She never pees when I'm changing her and she was screaming and spraying everywhere! Oh, what an experience. Then I feel like everyone is staring at me like I'm torturing my baby, just because I'm changing her diaper.

So, anyway. We got in to the condo around 11:30 last night. Sami fell asleep in the car around 10:30 and was up at 5am...for the day! (oh, and she was up at 11:30, and, didn't want you to think she actually slept through the night, lol.) Needless to say, we're not leaving the condo today until after she's had a real morning nap. This girl needs to sleep!

So that's it for now...I'll try to update/record our vacation when I can. I didn't bring my cable for the camera so you'll have to wait until we get home for some pics :( sorry.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wish us luck

This is a pic of her with her new Teddy that Daddy bought her for Valentine's day. She actually laid there looking at me with the camera as if to say "ok Mama, take my picture with my bear." It was really cute. As soon as I snapped it she was off again.

How beautiful is this face?
She LOVES her bath time. No more baby tub she is SO happy to be splashing around in the big tub. She loves the water, even when I dump it on her head, rinsing her hair, she just loves it.

She is starting to cut the top teeth. One has made it through and the other is oh-so-close.

This afternoon she fell while standing with one of her toys and now has a big knot on her head :( Poor thing! It broke my heart to see that big purple lump forming. I don't think I was th eonly one since as soon as it happened she was swarmed by me, Ian and Scott, all giving her kisses and rubbing her back. She soaked it up, but seriously it had to hurt. Poor Baby.

She's been standing on her own for a few seconds at a time and she has NO fear! OMG! This child is a dare devil.
We leave Tuesday for Texas, I haven't yet figured out how I'm going to get her to stay in our seat during the flight. I've got a bag full of tricks to bring but she just does not want to sit still these days.
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Thursday, February 07, 2008

8 Months

I don't know what I was thinking, trying to take her pictures. She Will. Not. Sit. Still!
Even E1mo couldn't persuade her to stay.

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I made Sami a tutu the other night. It was so much fun! It's not really done, I need to fill it in a bit but I have to buy more stuff first and I couldn't wait to try it on her so we put it on first thing in the morning, with her jammies, lol.
Daddy made her some puppets to play with too. She LOVES them! It's so cute. She was giggling and laughing at them all morning. She loves puppets and thinks they are just the funniest things ever, so when Daddy made her, her very own to play with and talk to she was overjoyed!

I didn't really capture the moments with the puppets. These pictures look more like she is afraid of them, but trust me she was in love with them. Laughing and smiling and just so happy to play with them and Daddy.

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Monday, February 04, 2008

8 months

8 Months!
This picture was taken the same day as the video below, and it totally shows her personality these days.
At 8 months, she is trying to be very independant. Wants to walk, pulls up on everything, and is starting to state her opinion more and more. She doesn't like when you tell her no. She knows when she's headed some where she's not supposed to be. When I say her name she just crawls faster! LOL
She believes she can do it..whatever "it" maybe.
She plays with her toys and will keep herself entertained for quite some time digging through her toy box and playing with everything.
She still thinks Patches is just the funniest thing she's ever seen and continues to laugh at her all the time. She' s loving that now she can try and chase her, but Patch is just too fast :( She and Patches are having issues with whos toys are whos. Sami want Patches ball and Patches wants Sami's fishy. It's a struggle to keep the proper toy in the correct mouth, lol.
She's been "talking" non stop these days. She has just mastered "Da Da" so that's pretty much all I hear all day long, lol. She loves "Da Da Da Da, Ma ma ma, and Baba bbbbbaaaaaaa!" and she's learned how to screech like all little girls do so that is a favorie noise for her too.
She pulls up on anything and everything she can get her hands on and is starting to cruise all around. We got her a walker, but she doens't quite get it yet.
She is also VERY tickelish these days. Her neck her belly and her thighs are all high tickle areas, and her feet too, oh and back, and armpits...ok she's pretty much tickelish just about everywhere! her little giggles are an amazing source of happiness for all who hear them.
She is in love with her big brother and spent the majority of the weekend staring at him. Anything he says or does is funny, and she just lights right up when he looks at her. She literally will just sit in one spot and stare at him. It's pretty funny.
here's a picture of the two of them watching the Superbowl last night.

I'm planning on doing some 8 months pics of her, but just have to find the time. Hopefully I'll get to it this week...

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