Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wish us luck

This is a pic of her with her new Teddy that Daddy bought her for Valentine's day. She actually laid there looking at me with the camera as if to say "ok Mama, take my picture with my bear." It was really cute. As soon as I snapped it she was off again.

How beautiful is this face?
She LOVES her bath time. No more baby tub she is SO happy to be splashing around in the big tub. She loves the water, even when I dump it on her head, rinsing her hair, she just loves it.

She is starting to cut the top teeth. One has made it through and the other is oh-so-close.

This afternoon she fell while standing with one of her toys and now has a big knot on her head :( Poor thing! It broke my heart to see that big purple lump forming. I don't think I was th eonly one since as soon as it happened she was swarmed by me, Ian and Scott, all giving her kisses and rubbing her back. She soaked it up, but seriously it had to hurt. Poor Baby.

She's been standing on her own for a few seconds at a time and she has NO fear! OMG! This child is a dare devil.
We leave Tuesday for Texas, I haven't yet figured out how I'm going to get her to stay in our seat during the flight. I've got a bag full of tricks to bring but she just does not want to sit still these days.
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