Thursday, February 07, 2008


I made Sami a tutu the other night. It was so much fun! It's not really done, I need to fill it in a bit but I have to buy more stuff first and I couldn't wait to try it on her so we put it on first thing in the morning, with her jammies, lol.
Daddy made her some puppets to play with too. She LOVES them! It's so cute. She was giggling and laughing at them all morning. She loves puppets and thinks they are just the funniest things ever, so when Daddy made her, her very own to play with and talk to she was overjoyed!

I didn't really capture the moments with the puppets. These pictures look more like she is afraid of them, but trust me she was in love with them. Laughing and smiling and just so happy to play with them and Daddy.

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