Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's hard to believe that we are in the 3rd week of Jillian's life, but at the same time...it feels like she has always been here. I guess it's harder to believe that less than 3 weeks ago I was pregnant! LOL. I can barely remember being pregnant with her, isn't that crazy?
Well these two and a half weeks have been great! Sami is loving her little sister and doing so incredibly well with her. She gets really excited every time she sees her and it's hard to teach her to contain her excitement. She is obsessed with Jillian's fingers and toes. She kisses them constantly and gets mad if she has socks or mittens on, lol.
Jillian is starting to look more like Jillian and less like Sami #2, lol. Some pictures are just identical, it's crazy! It is exciting to see how her looks will be as she grows and if she will continue to look like Sami.
So here is the long over due birth story:
It started on Thursday the 23rd...Ian had been in Jersey the first half of the week and I was instructed to keep her in until he got home on Wednesday night, lol. I had one or two painful contractions on Wednesday in the middle of the night. Thursday morning I started having mild contractions very sporadically that continued throughout the day, I had a moment around lunch time where I could feel my blood pressure drop and I felt really woosie and dizzy, but after lunch and a little rest I was feeling fine.
Friday, Ian decided he better work from home...just in case. I didn't have any contractions that woke me in the night, so I thought, "no way, it's not going to be today" We went downstairs for breakfast, the sun was shining and I was eager to get outside and start walking, hoping it would kick start things. During breakfast I had a few contractions, a bit more painful than Thursdays and a very painful contraction that almost dropped me to the floor. At that point Ian decided to call his parents and have them come over...just in case we had to go into the hospital, they could stay with Sami.
The contractions progressed and were about 10 minutes apart on and off so I called the Dr. They told me to call back when I was 4 minutes apart lasting 60 seconds for 2 hours!!
My parents came to the house. Now I was having painful contractions and had 5 people staring at me all day! LOL It seemed as though when ever I would sit they would stop. We were all getting pretty anxious, I was in pain and wanted to sit, but I got the hint from all the stares that I needed to get this moving, lmao.
Around 6:30- 7:00pm I started getting them very strong and very close...like 2-5 minutes apart. Ian started to get really nervous and insisted that we go to the hospital immediately, so off we went. I had a little break down on the way there because I was really sad to be leaving Sami, I just wanted to hold her one more time :(
We got to the hospital and they were FULL! We literally had to wait in a waiting room for about half an hour. Finally they got us in and we were put in a triage room with another girl who was literally crowning and opted for no pain meds! So she was also screaming! That made us all a little stressed. Ian and I were worried that I might be too far along for an epidural, I was terrified! Finally they checked me and I was 7cm!! Now I was REALLY scared that I wouldn't get the epi. They told us we should have a baby in 4 hours!
The doctor came in and said I could have the epi still but I had to have 2 full bags of IV fluid first so they started pumping it in me fast!
Once we got that in we had the ok to start the epi. I was just as scared this time around as I was with Sami. I HATE needles! HATE them! With Sami the epidural was the easiest part of the whole thing, but I was still very scared this time around. The epidural was painful this time, I literally was screaming, but still...totally worth it!
Once we got the epidural in, my doctor, who was not pleased that I was put in triage, moved me to a real room.
Little did we know that we had ALL night to wait for Jillian to make her arrival!
Soon after getting the epidural and switching rooms, my blood pressure dropped. It was dangerously low and I could see everyone in the room freaking out, the nurse rushed out to get the anesthesiologist back, they both came running back into the room and he gave me a shot of something in the epidural and I came back up. It must be some kind of reaction I have to the epidural because the same thing happened after I got it for Sami. This was the one thing Ian made me promise not to do this time around (The blood pressure drop...not the epidural) as if I had any control over it, lol, and this time around it was even worse.
So after the blood pressure drama, we pretty much just had to sit and wait. What was 4 hours when we first arrived, was all but stopped by the epidural and my body was dilating VERY slowly! We were all anxious to have the Dr. break my water so we could get the show on the road, but he had other plans and was waiting until morning, even though he came in a few times throughout the night anyway.
So bright and early Saturday morning the Dr. struggled with Jillian and broke my water. She was fighting him. The doctor was feeling her head and she was twisting back and forth and trying to scoot back up higher away from him, lol. He literally had to push down from the top of my belly to hold her in place while he broke my water.
At 6:30am we started pushing, Jillian was not very happy about this either, she was kicking me the whole time and moving all around, it was crazy! I was literally laughing the first few pushes because I could feel her kicking me as I pushed. At 6:48 am our little one arrived and forever changed our lives and our hearts. She was amazing! She had yellow hair and looked just like Samantha!
Ian almost missed cutting the cord because he was busy taking loads of pics for me and the doctor almost cut it then turned to ask him at the last minute...Ian actually got a picture of the doctor handing him the scissors, lol.
My father who had waited all night in the hospital waiting room, sleeping on a love seat sofa...was not allowed into L&D to see her :( He was not too happy about that, lol. Ian slept in the delivery room all night and didn't wake up until we told him they were breaking my water...then he asked for some coffee, because he was SO tired! UNBELIEVABLE!!! My mother and I were up all night, over 24 hours at this point and I still had to push this child out of me, and HE was complaining that he was tired!!! OMG!
Ok, that's enough for now...I can't believe it's been 3 weeks! Sami has been great with her, she loves her!!! I mean LOVES her!!! She's so excited every morning to see her. She sings to her and talks to her all day long, gives her huge and kisses and is just infatuated with her. It's amazing to watch.
Now that I have the birth story out of the way I'll try and post more often...when I have a free minute, lmao! I have tons of pictures to share too...I'll work on that.

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