Friday, December 11, 2009


Life is so crazy with 2! I feel like we don't have a moment of rest in this house. But life is good, we take it all in stride and make the best of every situation...not to say that I haven't completely lost my mind in dealing with these terrible two's, but it is what it is and we seal with it one day at a time and do the best we can.

Jillian is 7 months now. She's crawling all over! She started crawling the night before Thanksgiving. She was in the living room with Ian and I came down to get her and put her to bed and she crawled a few paces over to me. Ian looked up and was like "Did you see that!!!" LOL.
Ever since she's been non stop and is fast now! Really fast! lol. She loves to crawl under everything she can. We have some nesting/side tables that she has claimed as her fort, lol. And she loves to crawl under her high chair and sit. The dog food...oh, the dog food! She thinks it's funny to try and steal the dog food. She will stop when I tell her no, turn around and look at me and smile/laugh then go right back to the dog food!
Jilli is eating solids now, anything and everything she can get her hands on. She still has no teeth so I am cutting everything up into tiny tiny pieces and she gums them away! lol. She loves Cheerios, and has had spaghetti, turkey, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, chicken, and I think she's even had broccoli. She doesn't really want anything to do with the baby food any more, she wants what ever we are eating and she wants to do it herself!
We have almost completely weaned this month :( I had a pretty severe case of Mastitis and the doctor ordered me to stop nursing her and I could pump if I wanted, but he did not want her to nurse. Luckily it was only on one side, so I could still nurse on the good side. Jilli refused to take a bottle so it was a pretty rough few weeks during the Mastitis. Finally I bought her a Nuk bottle, since she was taking those pacifiers and she took it! I don't know if it was the bottle, or if she was just finally giving in, because now she will take any bottle.
We're still fighting the reflux and spitting up everyday :(

Sami is just growing like crazy, and keeping us on our toes. She fell and broke her leg in October. We still have no idea how it happened. She was standing in the living room at the coffee table and just fell. Dropped to the ground and started screaming that her leg hurt.
The cast is off now and she is healing well.

I'll have to finish this later because Jilli is up....did I mention she still doesn't sleep through the night and is up every 1,2,3 hours! UGH!!!!!!