Monday, March 30, 2009

A case of the Mondays

Sami woke up just before 4am. I brought her back to bed.
4:30, brought her back to bed again
5:00, back again.
5:30, she's back one more time. Ian gets up to get ready for work. We're all up for the day.
6am, downstairs we go.
Samantha proceeds to scream and cry because she wants cookies for breakfast. I tell her no and sit her in her booster seat, give her a banana and pour her some juice.
I start doing the dishes, she finally quiets down and eats the dreaded banana.
She finishes the banana and Ian gets her a bowl of cereal. Cheeri0s with milk, a big deal! lol She just started having cereal with milk in it, up until this weekend it was always dry cereal.
Ian leaves for work...will be back in 2 days.
Sami is engrossed in her cereal, and MILK! lol. No bib...oopps. (oh, we don't use sippy cups at the table anymore either, so the juice is in a regular cup.)
Needless to say she is dripping milk and apple juice all over herself. Oh well. Who cares it's too early.
I am able to run around and get some chores done while she's eating her cereal.
Clean kitchen, swept floors, vacuumed house! It's not even 6:30am maybe this 4am stuff isn't that bad. Yeah, we can do this!
Sami is finally done with the cereal, she's soaking wet and smells like milk. Ok, everything off lets do bath time. I strip her down in the kitchen. Let the dog outside. Naked baby. I of course have to pee, before we can go upstairs, lol. Sami pretends to go potty too on her potty...nothing comes out. Ok, Bath time. Wait...lets wait for Patches so we can let her in before we go upstairs. I'm standing at the front door watching Patch and waiting. Sami is standing behind me at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me. Ok, Patch is done I let her in. As I'm closing the door I hear Sami say "Whoa!"
I turn around to see a huge poop on the floor!! OMG! She just pooped on the floor!
Ok, everybody freeze, don't move! Sami don't touch! Yucky! She backs up still completely amazed by this incredible thing that she just deposited on my floor.
Patches, being the incredible hunting dog, fantastic beagle that she is, does not only not smell the pile of fresh poop under her nose, but doesn't see it either.
I am screaming "No Patches Stop! Don't move!"
But she can't resist. She is on one side of the poo and Sami and I are on the other, so here she comes! And of course she steps right in the poop!!
You. Are. Kidding. Me!
Great! How am I supposed to make it to the kitchen with a dog with one foot covered in poop and keep Sami away from the poop too? I yell for Sami to stay away and drag Patches to the kitchen, rush rush rush to clean her foot and run back to clean up the poop before God forbid Sami start playing with it!
Ahh, I made it. Ok, baths for everyone and disinfect the floors!
It's not even 7am!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


35 Weeks

Gained 2 more pounds this for this weeks appointment. Everything is going good. The baby's heartbeat is perfect, the belly is measuring perfect. The doctor said I have a very compact belly, lol and he doesn't expect this baby to be much different in size than Sami was. He actually felt that Sami was a "good size" for me and maybe Jilli will be a little smaller, but who knows it's all a bunch of guessing really. I have to go this week for more blood work to check again for anemia, all has gone well so far, so Im not at all worried, well...about the results anyway, the needle it self is a different story, lol.
Jillian still continues to move about non-stop. She's enjoying pressing on my hips with all her might and keeping me in a constant uncomfortable state.

I got a couple shots of Sami today. It is really impossible to get pictures of her these days. She either runs the other way when I have the camera, or she insists on sitting on my lap, making it incredibly hard to photograph her. We've been busy just about everyday with playgroup. My hopes of wearing her out during play time so that she will nap, is failing. She's still not napping. I get lucky about once or twice a week and she will sleep, but that's about it. The last 2 days she's been having issues at night too. This kid is an insomniac! Her bed time is 7:30pm, she's usually up in her room "reading" her books for at least an hour! Sometimes more. So anyway, the last 2 nights she's been getting up and crying for me. Sunday night she woke up crying and Ian said "just bring her in here with us." We don't normally do this but it's hard sometimes not to. It's more us than her. We like to cuddle with her, she's just so cute all cuddled up with us in bed. So I bring her in bed with us then I check the clock and realize it was only 12:45!! Ugh, we were in for a long night I thought it was closer to 4 am, lol. Last night, same thing. She's like clock work sometimes...12:45 she's up and crying for me. I'm like "oh, no, not tonight kiddo!" I bring her back to her bed and make her lay down. She starts playing with my heart strings saying "My mommy, my mommy" and holding my hand and rubbing her hand on my face, trying to get me to lay with her. She's sneaky I tell you! So I put on my super nanny face and kiss her good night and off I go back to bed. As soon as I hit the bed she's back up. I lay her back in her bed and stand by the door, repeatedly telling her to get back in bed. Finally, she seems to settle and I creep step by step slowly out of sight. I stand in our room, waiting for the crys....nothing...waiting, waiting....nothing. I slowly get back in bed as to not make a noise, as soon as my butt hits the bed she starts crying!! OMG! Ok, so then it was full on super nanny mode. I go in put her back in bed, no communication. We do this about 5 or 6 times. (note, that during this all Ian offers repeatedly to take over, but I refuse, the Super nanny is ON!! lol. I didn't want you to think that he was just sleeping through all of this, lol. he was my support) So it goes on, eventually she stays in bed, still crying for me, then for Daddy neither of us budge. She eventually gets out of bed and lays by her door and eventually falls back asleep.

Maybe it's her teeth. She should be getting her 2 yr. molars...right? I can't feel anything going on in there, but who knows. I just wish that she could fall asleep easier. It takes me forever to fall asleep too, but with a 2 year old, she can't just lay there and be still which makes it even harder for her to fall asleep. Pray for me that this is all some weird phase and she'll be back to napping and sleeping all night uninterrupted by the time the baby gets here, LMAO! A girl can dream right? Well if she slept she could!

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Nap Time


Tell me again why we bought her a bed. LOL This is where she sleeps. In the door way. She'll bring her blankets and pillow and usually some books and she camps out in the doorway and goes to sleep. Heck, at least she's sleeping! She's been doing this most nights too. Nap times are still hit and miss, but we're working on it and the nicer weather is helping. Today there was no protest to the nap at all. She gladly went upstairs with blankey and 2 new books. We laid in bed and read the stories. She was all smiles and happy Mama was laying with her. I honestly didn't think she was going to sleep so I got up and gave her kisses and said good night. To which she replied "ni-night!" I heard her get up and play for about 2 minutes then silence! And here she is. She got her blankets and pillow and went right to sleep. For naps she pretty much stays here. At night I put her back in her bed, but a couple nights this last week she woke up at like 4 am and went back and laid in the doorway again. It must be really comfy there, lol.

Yesterday she woke up from her nap and Ian and I went upstairs. He sat down in the hall across from her door and was talking to her and she laid right back down and went to the doorway! Ian wanted to pick her up and put her in bed but I figured she must be comfortable, let her go.

Then there is the one inside...Jillian. She must be just as uncomfortable these days as I am. She is moving non-stop and it is mostly painful for me since there is very little room left for her to maneuver. I remember Sami moving a lot but it seemed to slow down around this time. Jilli is doing the opposite! She never moved as much as Sami up until most recently. I kid you not it is most of the day, she is poking and prodding and I'm screaming and yelping. I swear my water is going to break at any moment with the way she moves about in there. She's not at all gently. The hiccups are more frequent as well...for her, not me, lol. I don't like them, it's weird and uncomfortable and she gets them for long bouts.
The shortness of breath comes and goes in an instant. Some days are better than others. I feel like I have more energy, but my back is constantly killing me. Yesterday I could barely walk at one point. Sleeping is a joke since there is no position that is comfortable and Jillian chooses to be hosting a dance party in my uterus between the hours of 11pm and 2:30am, during which laying down or sitting are just merely not options for me.
At my appointment a month ago we were certain that she was head down and would most likely stay that way, but with the movements I've been feeling lately, I'm not so sure anymore. I go back on Monday next week so we'll see what they have to say then. I've tried very hard to feel my belly and map out how she's lying, but there is just no use, she moves and flips and rolls and whatever! I just wish she would relax and camp out for the next 6 weeks. She's been freaking me out all I can think about is how little room is left in there and she's flipping and rolling all over and must be getting herself pretty tied up with the umbilical cord.

Well, anyway...I better go get some cleaning done or try and get some rest since break time is almost over and Sami will be up soon, then we're headed back outside to ensure a good nights sleep tonight!
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Riding the Lady bug

Making cookies with Daddy

Sneaking a bite as soon as Daddy stepped away, lol.

St. Patricks Day craft at playgroup. Check out that awesome hat she made!
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Real quick

Everything is going great with the pregnancy. I gained another pound so we're up to 15 pounds total this time around. the baby is doing well, I told the Dr. that I felt like she was really moving down, he said she's still got more to go. Here's a belly shot for this week.

Sami is having issues this week with going to sleep. I've had to resort to putting a gate up at her door because she likes to sneak out of her room and run around upstairs. She refuses to stay in her bed and just will not sit still long enough to fall asleep. I could feel myself getting sucked into laying with her to get her to go down for nap time. That's not a routine I wanted to start since it just will not be possible in a month or two. She's testing me, always and we're having quite a rough week. The whining, and crying and moaning...ugh! Being 2 is rough!!! We've decided that getting back into play groups will help so we've joined a second playgroup and have activities lined up for the rest of the month. It's great for both Sami and I.
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