Monday, March 16, 2009

Nap Time


Tell me again why we bought her a bed. LOL This is where she sleeps. In the door way. She'll bring her blankets and pillow and usually some books and she camps out in the doorway and goes to sleep. Heck, at least she's sleeping! She's been doing this most nights too. Nap times are still hit and miss, but we're working on it and the nicer weather is helping. Today there was no protest to the nap at all. She gladly went upstairs with blankey and 2 new books. We laid in bed and read the stories. She was all smiles and happy Mama was laying with her. I honestly didn't think she was going to sleep so I got up and gave her kisses and said good night. To which she replied "ni-night!" I heard her get up and play for about 2 minutes then silence! And here she is. She got her blankets and pillow and went right to sleep. For naps she pretty much stays here. At night I put her back in her bed, but a couple nights this last week she woke up at like 4 am and went back and laid in the doorway again. It must be really comfy there, lol.

Yesterday she woke up from her nap and Ian and I went upstairs. He sat down in the hall across from her door and was talking to her and she laid right back down and went to the doorway! Ian wanted to pick her up and put her in bed but I figured she must be comfortable, let her go.

Then there is the one inside...Jillian. She must be just as uncomfortable these days as I am. She is moving non-stop and it is mostly painful for me since there is very little room left for her to maneuver. I remember Sami moving a lot but it seemed to slow down around this time. Jilli is doing the opposite! She never moved as much as Sami up until most recently. I kid you not it is most of the day, she is poking and prodding and I'm screaming and yelping. I swear my water is going to break at any moment with the way she moves about in there. She's not at all gently. The hiccups are more frequent as well...for her, not me, lol. I don't like them, it's weird and uncomfortable and she gets them for long bouts.
The shortness of breath comes and goes in an instant. Some days are better than others. I feel like I have more energy, but my back is constantly killing me. Yesterday I could barely walk at one point. Sleeping is a joke since there is no position that is comfortable and Jillian chooses to be hosting a dance party in my uterus between the hours of 11pm and 2:30am, during which laying down or sitting are just merely not options for me.
At my appointment a month ago we were certain that she was head down and would most likely stay that way, but with the movements I've been feeling lately, I'm not so sure anymore. I go back on Monday next week so we'll see what they have to say then. I've tried very hard to feel my belly and map out how she's lying, but there is just no use, she moves and flips and rolls and whatever! I just wish she would relax and camp out for the next 6 weeks. She's been freaking me out all I can think about is how little room is left in there and she's flipping and rolling all over and must be getting herself pretty tied up with the umbilical cord.

Well, anyway...I better go get some cleaning done or try and get some rest since break time is almost over and Sami will be up soon, then we're headed back outside to ensure a good nights sleep tonight!
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