Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Real quick

Everything is going great with the pregnancy. I gained another pound so we're up to 15 pounds total this time around. the baby is doing well, I told the Dr. that I felt like she was really moving down, he said she's still got more to go. Here's a belly shot for this week.

Sami is having issues this week with going to sleep. I've had to resort to putting a gate up at her door because she likes to sneak out of her room and run around upstairs. She refuses to stay in her bed and just will not sit still long enough to fall asleep. I could feel myself getting sucked into laying with her to get her to go down for nap time. That's not a routine I wanted to start since it just will not be possible in a month or two. She's testing me, always and we're having quite a rough week. The whining, and crying and moaning...ugh! Being 2 is rough!!! We've decided that getting back into play groups will help so we've joined a second playgroup and have activities lined up for the rest of the month. It's great for both Sami and I.
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