Thursday, February 26, 2009

Burn the schedule!

Feeling the burn! Heartburn is crazy this time around! I remember having a little with Sami, but this time around it hurts so bad! I want to rip my esophagus out and throw it in a bucket of ice water! Night time it is the worst, as soon as I lie down, I feel like there are flames in my throat! I guess we'll see if the Old wives tale is true or not and see if this baby has a lot of hair, lol.

Sami's schedule is killing me. She has decided she no longer needs naps! OMG! Are you kidding me? It is impossible to get her to take a nap. I literally have to have her running for a good 2 hours straight in order for her to possibly take a nap. She will sit in her room and play for awhile, but then eventually will open the door and come running out of her room. I've tried laying her back down, I've tried being firm with her, I've even tried laying with her for a bit. She just will not sleep! Now I have to figure out how I'm supposed to shower, and hike out to the barn in the snow to feed the animals. The showering isn't a problem really because she will watch a movie in our room while I shower and I can see her from the shower. But getting out to the barn is another story. The snow is too deep for her to walk through, and I really can't carry her out to the barn and back through the snow, plus with all her snow gear on she tends to fall a lot and I don't want her falling in the barn or near the animals.

So my first thought was, well I'll just get up earlier, go feed the animals, come back and shower before she gets up. The problem with that is that she gets up as soon as the sun does! So the other option is to go out when she goes to bed. Either way it looks like I'll be trekking out there in the dark. There are lights in the barn, but not out where the alpacas actually are. Oh, boy sounds like fun huh? Guess I'll have to figure this out. I only have 2 weeks of help once Jilli is here then I'll have to figure out how to adapt it again to do with a newborn and a 2 year old. Hopefully by then the snow will be gone and Sami can come out with me and I can put the baby in a wrap.
Ahh, the farm life. Such fun. Not sure who signed me up for this...oh wait, yes I do. Thanks Hun I love you!

Can you believe how fast this kid is growing! My God where does the time go?

Sami has some nasty nose business going on this week. She's so stuffed up and has been drooling all over the place because she can't breathe. She looks a little rough in this pic, lol. She loves her backpack and has been wearing it around all week, lol.
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