Thursday, February 05, 2009

Third Trimester

So this week marks the start of our third trimester...the final stretch. Last week I had the glucose testing. I passed...yay!! Then I had to get more blood work to test for antibodies for fifths disease. My nephew had it while he was at our house and none of knew until after the week after. So my blood work came back good and all is well. Today started my every 2 weeks, fun. It should be fun dragging Sami along into the office every two weeks for the next 3 months.
I feel huge, more so then I remember feeling with Sami. Even Ian said he thinks there might be twins in there, lol. He wants to get another ultrasound to be sure. So after today's appointment, my weight was good, my urine was good, and the belly measures perfectly on track....I decided to check my Belly Book that I had for when I was pregnant with Sami, and I am actually 2 pounds less than I was with Sami at this point!! CRAZY! I swear I feel bigger, I feel like this baby could come at anytime, lol.
This pregnancy is different. In the beginning she didn't move as much as I remembered Sami moving early, she doesn't stop! She flips all over! I swear Sami was head down from day 1, not this girl. She's usually head up, but flips back and forth through out the day/week. The other night I swear she was doing the river dance on my cervix!! I was actually scared. She woke me up at 3am kicking like crazy on my cervix, I was sure she was going to break my water. I even tried to push her to try and turn her. I could feel the top of her head at the top of my belly. She wouldn't turn, but eventually did stop kicking so that I could get some rest.

Sami and I spent the beginning of the week in CT with my brother and niece and nephew. I'm pretty sure Sami is in love with Cole. Even the week before we went down she was running around the house pointing at his pictures and saying "Cole, Cole, Cole!" Now she loves Ryleigh too. We went to the mall after my doctors appointment and every little girl she saw was Ry. It was so cute. She loves her cousins and had so much fun with them! Today I think she was happy to have her toys back, but I know tomorrow she will be looking for Cole and Ry.

Ok, off to bed for me. Sami's been waking up early the last few days and it's killing me, lol. Mama likes to sleep until 8am...Sami likes to get up at 6am....ugh, doesn't she realize I only have 3 more months to get any sleep at all, lol.