Thursday, February 19, 2009

30 weeks

Had our 30 week appointment today. Gained one pound in two weeks...still have 14 more to go to put me at the same weight I was with Sami, and only 10 weeks. We shall see. I can't wait to meet this little one and I'm getting so excited now! My belly measured only 29.5 weeks, but the doctor thinks I'm doing great, I'll be back again in another 2 weeks.

Jillian has finally settled in now...I think. This past week she has flipped head down and is (crossing my fingers) staying that way. YAY! With the exception of a few nights ago, when she decided to wiggle her way back up and was laying sideways and keeping me up all night. She finally figured it out and wiggled her head back down and has been resting comfortably. Her little butt still floats back and forth across my belly as she switches which way she wants to face. I remember Samantha doing that a lot in the end. And of course she tries to pierce my stomach with her little limbs, pressing so hard that I actually feel like I'm bruised from the inside out in some places. She stuck out her foot or knee or something in the front of my belly a while back and I swear you could see it sticking out a good inch and a half to two inches! It only lasted a few seconds and she tucked it back in, but that spot on my belly hurt for days afterward.

I am officially in full on nesting mode. I've gone through all of Sami's old stuff and separated by size. I've washed and folded everything from newborn to 3 months. (Now I just have to figure out where to put it all) I'm a little upset to realize that we have a TON of stuff left over from Sami. I was kind of looking forward to buying a few new things, but really...we have SOOO much! Clothing wise we are all set, for her.
I brought out her car seat and cleaned it all up, ready to go. Even packed a few things in the hospital bag for her to wear! But I can't decide on what she's going to wear home.

I think Ian is getting a little anxious and excited too, he wants to get the bassinet set up this weekend. I have a feeling he's more nervous this time than he was with Sami. I think it's a lot of stress on him because he's traveling and doesn't know where he'll be when he gets "the Call." I think he's worried about missing some of it, or it being too much stress for me, or how I'm going to manage with Sami too when the time comes. But he's really been a great support and I love to see him getting excited about the new baby coming.

10 More weeks! Let the count down begin!