Sunday, February 22, 2009

The double stroller search

This is proving exhausting. Ian and I went to the mall this weekend to look at a few double strollers that Target had. I was interested in the Graco DouGlider because it is compatible with our carseat, the color was a decent match with our carseat as well. I was excited to have Ian take it down off the shelf for me so I could get a better look. They had all the double strollers tied to each other! You couldn't take anything down, or try it out! What the heck! What's the point of having a display if you can't try it out?

I can't decide if we should go with a traditional two seat stroller, which seems much more comfortable, or if we should do a sit and stand type. I think Sami is still a bit young for the sit and stand, since it's only a jump seat that they sit on, an she would be facing me and couldn't see where we were going. Not sure it will be too comfortable for her.

Anyone have any opinions or suggestions?

I also like the Graco quatro tour duo, but from what I'm reading in reviews, you're paying for the new look, and no real benefits in features. It looks slimmer, but weighs the same, if not a few pounds more....

I thing the one at target is really the best value...hmmm, decisions decisions....we don't have the $$ to make any immediate decisions anyway, so I guess I'll just keep reading reviews for now, until I can save up the $ or something comes up on craigslist.