Monday, March 30, 2009

A case of the Mondays

Sami woke up just before 4am. I brought her back to bed.
4:30, brought her back to bed again
5:00, back again.
5:30, she's back one more time. Ian gets up to get ready for work. We're all up for the day.
6am, downstairs we go.
Samantha proceeds to scream and cry because she wants cookies for breakfast. I tell her no and sit her in her booster seat, give her a banana and pour her some juice.
I start doing the dishes, she finally quiets down and eats the dreaded banana.
She finishes the banana and Ian gets her a bowl of cereal. Cheeri0s with milk, a big deal! lol She just started having cereal with milk in it, up until this weekend it was always dry cereal.
Ian leaves for work...will be back in 2 days.
Sami is engrossed in her cereal, and MILK! lol. No bib...oopps. (oh, we don't use sippy cups at the table anymore either, so the juice is in a regular cup.)
Needless to say she is dripping milk and apple juice all over herself. Oh well. Who cares it's too early.
I am able to run around and get some chores done while she's eating her cereal.
Clean kitchen, swept floors, vacuumed house! It's not even 6:30am maybe this 4am stuff isn't that bad. Yeah, we can do this!
Sami is finally done with the cereal, she's soaking wet and smells like milk. Ok, everything off lets do bath time. I strip her down in the kitchen. Let the dog outside. Naked baby. I of course have to pee, before we can go upstairs, lol. Sami pretends to go potty too on her potty...nothing comes out. Ok, Bath time. Wait...lets wait for Patches so we can let her in before we go upstairs. I'm standing at the front door watching Patch and waiting. Sami is standing behind me at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me. Ok, Patch is done I let her in. As I'm closing the door I hear Sami say "Whoa!"
I turn around to see a huge poop on the floor!! OMG! She just pooped on the floor!
Ok, everybody freeze, don't move! Sami don't touch! Yucky! She backs up still completely amazed by this incredible thing that she just deposited on my floor.
Patches, being the incredible hunting dog, fantastic beagle that she is, does not only not smell the pile of fresh poop under her nose, but doesn't see it either.
I am screaming "No Patches Stop! Don't move!"
But she can't resist. She is on one side of the poo and Sami and I are on the other, so here she comes! And of course she steps right in the poop!!
You. Are. Kidding. Me!
Great! How am I supposed to make it to the kitchen with a dog with one foot covered in poop and keep Sami away from the poop too? I yell for Sami to stay away and drag Patches to the kitchen, rush rush rush to clean her foot and run back to clean up the poop before God forbid Sami start playing with it!
Ahh, I made it. Ok, baths for everyone and disinfect the floors!
It's not even 7am!!!!