Tuesday, March 24, 2009

35 Weeks

Gained 2 more pounds this for this weeks appointment. Everything is going good. The baby's heartbeat is perfect, the belly is measuring perfect. The doctor said I have a very compact belly, lol and he doesn't expect this baby to be much different in size than Sami was. He actually felt that Sami was a "good size" for me and maybe Jilli will be a little smaller, but who knows it's all a bunch of guessing really. I have to go this week for more blood work to check again for anemia, all has gone well so far, so Im not at all worried, well...about the results anyway, the needle it self is a different story, lol.
Jillian still continues to move about non-stop. She's enjoying pressing on my hips with all her might and keeping me in a constant uncomfortable state.

I got a couple shots of Sami today. It is really impossible to get pictures of her these days. She either runs the other way when I have the camera, or she insists on sitting on my lap, making it incredibly hard to photograph her. We've been busy just about everyday with playgroup. My hopes of wearing her out during play time so that she will nap, is failing. She's still not napping. I get lucky about once or twice a week and she will sleep, but that's about it. The last 2 days she's been having issues at night too. This kid is an insomniac! Her bed time is 7:30pm, she's usually up in her room "reading" her books for at least an hour! Sometimes more. So anyway, the last 2 nights she's been getting up and crying for me. Sunday night she woke up crying and Ian said "just bring her in here with us." We don't normally do this but it's hard sometimes not to. It's more us than her. We like to cuddle with her, she's just so cute all cuddled up with us in bed. So I bring her in bed with us then I check the clock and realize it was only 12:45!! Ugh, we were in for a long night I thought it was closer to 4 am, lol. Last night, same thing. She's like clock work sometimes...12:45 she's up and crying for me. I'm like "oh, no, not tonight kiddo!" I bring her back to her bed and make her lay down. She starts playing with my heart strings saying "My mommy, my mommy" and holding my hand and rubbing her hand on my face, trying to get me to lay with her. She's sneaky I tell you! So I put on my super nanny face and kiss her good night and off I go back to bed. As soon as I hit the bed she's back up. I lay her back in her bed and stand by the door, repeatedly telling her to get back in bed. Finally, she seems to settle and I creep step by step slowly out of sight. I stand in our room, waiting for the crys....nothing...waiting, waiting....nothing. I slowly get back in bed as to not make a noise, as soon as my butt hits the bed she starts crying!! OMG! Ok, so then it was full on super nanny mode. I go in put her back in bed, no communication. We do this about 5 or 6 times. (note, that during this all Ian offers repeatedly to take over, but I refuse, the Super nanny is ON!! lol. I didn't want you to think that he was just sleeping through all of this, lol. he was my support) So it goes on, eventually she stays in bed, still crying for me, then for Daddy neither of us budge. She eventually gets out of bed and lays by her door and eventually falls back asleep.

Maybe it's her teeth. She should be getting her 2 yr. molars...right? I can't feel anything going on in there, but who knows. I just wish that she could fall asleep easier. It takes me forever to fall asleep too, but with a 2 year old, she can't just lay there and be still which makes it even harder for her to fall asleep. Pray for me that this is all some weird phase and she'll be back to napping and sleeping all night uninterrupted by the time the baby gets here, LMAO! A girl can dream right? Well if she slept she could!

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