Monday, May 12, 2008

11 Months

A little late again...

11 Months already!! It's so crazy, in just one short month my little peanut will be a year old. I find it especially hard when I'm shopping for clothes for her. It's so hard to realize that she is not an infant anymore and we need to move to the toddler section. I find myself always looking at the infant clothes and then getting frustrated because they don't have it in her size...then I realize it's because she's a big girl now :(

So...let's see what's new with Sami...
She is a very smiley baby/toddler, although she is starting to throw her share of temper tantrums which is making me very afraid of the terrible twos, lol. It's very hard for her, she is trying more and more to communicate and she definitely has her own opinions now.
She is learning to sign some more, all done, and milk. However, I think that her sign for more really means Cheeri0s in her mind, lol. She has also started blowing kisses and waving bye-bye. I'm not sure why it has taken her so long to learn to wave, but she is very reluctant to wave to people or blow kisses...she certainly doesn't just give them out to anyone, lol.

She's one the brink of walking. Just in the last week she's really started showing an interest again in it. She's almost there, just needs to work on her confidence.
She's been eating very well lately. Her favorites are still pasta and cheeri0s and bread, but she has recently fallen in love with turkey and peas and beans. She really will eat just about everything and anything, but she does have her favorites.
Oh...and we've started swim class! She is amazing!! She loves the water and is sticking her head under and blowing bubbles in the water and puts her whole face in and she can float with her arm floaties on all by her self!!! Well only for a few seconds but hey that's pretty darn good!
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