Monday, September 08, 2008

The details...

Ok....So as far as we know I am about 6 or 7 weeks preggers. I am going to the Dr. on Wednesday, and my suspected due date is April 24th. While Ian and I were both pretty much in shock for the first week, we are all very happy and excited to have this new baby joining our lives. There has been so much going on and I am so far behind in the blog world.
Ian and I brought the kids (Scott and Sami) to Niagara falls two weeks ago. We had a great time and the weather was beautiful. The kids were very well behaved and it was just and overall great time...well, except for the second day when Sami got up at 3am....for the day! That was a bit rough especially since we're all in one hotel room. The first night she woke up at around 6am and Ian got up with her and took her out for a walk so Scott and I could sleep. The 3am shift was my turn and we went for a 3 hour walk!!! Fun times! LOL.
I have a ton of pics...I'll have to post later.
While in Canada I got a call for a job offer, and will be going back to work on the 29th. Which means Sami will be going to day care, and I have been doing nothing but searching for a good one ever since. While it is killing me to bring her to day care, I really think that it will be better for both of us. Bringing in some money will help our household, and Sami being with other kids will help her socially too.
So, our house is still for sale...our real estate agent is the worst we've ever had and we're stuck with her until December. We have no news on Ian's job and are in the dark about what is to happen next with his company...guess we'll know more on 11/22, lol. Ian has gone back to school and started classes a few weeks ago. He's determined to get all A's and is pretty much addicted to school, lol. He's doing great!
He had Pneumonia this past week and is still recovering, but feeling much better now. I have been having my own battle with nausea all week. I don't remember feeling this sick with Sami, but I was already working at the time and therefore I was a lot busier. Sometimes I think that it might just be because I'm home and have time to think about it. If I stay moving it's not as bad.

Sami is getting more and more defiant, and proving that she is her own entity. She is determined to do things her way. It has been a bit of a struggle, but for the most part she's still a really good baby. She likes to exercise her voice and her opinion. She still eats non stop and LOVES food! Carrots or bananas are her most favorite things. Veggies are harder to get her to eat...other than carrots and peas, and sweet potatoes. She has yet to turn down any kind of fruit, well except Kiwi, but we haven't tried that one in awhile.
She runs all over the place and LOVES to Dance, Dance, Dance! It is the funniest thing to watch. She also loves to stomp her feet. If you're happy and you know it Stomp your feet!...She loves it, lol. She is trying very hard to jump....also very amusing to watch. She tries with all her might, but can only seem to get one foot off the ground at a time, lol. Too cute.

So there you have it...the short version of what's been going on with us. Everything in life is crazy right now and we are just taking things one day at a time....that's all you really can do. We know everything will work out just fine and we have a lot of loving and supporting family to help us through, so there are no worries on that front.

Here are a few pics of the princess outside the other day. She was having a dance party all on her own. I took a few videos I'll try and get them to upload later, when I have more time...right now it's off to call more day cares!


All Done!
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