Sunday, September 28, 2008

9 weeks 4 days

So Wednesday night the spotting returned. Still very light, but I couldn't wait any more. First thing Thursday morning I called and scheduled a sonogram for Friday morning. Friday I woke up to more spotting....much, much more. I was terrified. I thought for sure that it was the end, it was all over. I packed Sami up, got the snacks, cup and toys to keep her busy at the doctors office and off we went. Sitting in the waiting room, surrounded by pregnant women, and a 6 week old new born and new mom, I probably could have lost it, but my little princess kept me too busy to even think about why we were there or what fate was a waiting us, and the smiles and admiration I saw on the other women's faces let me know that I am truly blessed and lucky to have my beautiful little girl and that would pull me through anything.

Finally, they call us in and we get our selves situated in the room and start the show.

Immediately I could see the head of the baby and I sighed my first half-hearted sigh of relief...then the sweet little flicker...another sigh...then the sound, and the measurement....171 bpm...perfect!!! So as we look around and measure the baby I can see the little hands moving and feet kicking and then the smile a mile wide and the tears of relief start coming. I was in complete shock and just out of my mind with happiness. So here's the sneak peak of our little peanut...

So we searched and searched and found reason for the bleeding, no explanation, just some amazing little pictures and word that our little peanut is perfect. The baby measures 9 weeks 4 days, which is just about right on from my LMP and due date...on Friday I would have been 10 weeks by my LMP.

The rest of the weekend, I've had nothing. No spotting, no problems. Then Ian left again for LI....and literally minutes after he pulled out of the driveway, it started again! I'm beginning to think I'm losing my mind. Is it emotional spotting? lol...does that exist? What the heck could it be?

It has slowed down again and is very light, and I'm still in no pain or discomfort, so we shall see what the week brings.

Keep us in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

I am 8 weeks 5 days and I have been spotting off and on since a couple days after I found out. It scared me so bad so I went to the ER where they did an ultrasound and they said everything was perfectly fine. I've had some spotting a couple times since then but my dr said that it is completely normal that as long as there are no blood clots and i'm not hurting not to worry. Everything will be fine don't worry.