Wednesday, April 04, 2007

An attempt...

at a coherent post. We'll see how this goes.

Obviously, Ian's back from Jersey! Thank God. I was about to loose my mind.

I had a great weekend! I'm so glad that April is here because we have a bunch planned for this month.

Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day. We spent the whole day outside, Ian even got sunburned on his face! Scott was with us and he enjoyed playing outside and ATVing and we went up and down our street to pick up any trash that has accumulated and melted out of the snow banks. It's amazing how much people litter. It's GROSS! It seems that especially on a country road like ours, people feel that it is perfectly acceptable to throw their trash out their car window. Anyway, it was actually nice family time spent together on the 4 wheelers picking up trash along the road and I think Scott learned a thing or two about littering.

Sunday morning Ian and I got up early to play an April Fools joke on Scott. We papered his bedroom door so that it looked like a wall when he came out, he had to rip through it to get out.

Sunday was also Ryleigh's birthday party. We had a blast! Ian had to work :( but Scott and I went and had a great time. Scott was so sweet all day and proved how he is going to be an awesome big brother. He loves Cole and Ryleigh, and I don't think he can wait to have his very own little sister.

Being an only child for 12 years it is often hard to share or give to others. Scott has always had moments of sincere generosity, as well as some moments of selfishness. At the party (it was at a indoor kids place, arcade and bouncy rides) he used his own money for the extra games that he wanted to play. Once he spent all his money, he went to turn in his tickets for prizes. He got a goofy headband thing for himself, then he got a smiley face ring for Cole and some candy for Ryleigh.

After lunch he asked for more $ for the arcade. I gave him some, once he got his tokens he came back to the table, as we were getting ready for cake. While the kids were sitting at the table Scott gave the boys each 2 of his tokens so they could play too. I was amazed. It was so nice to see him sharing and being mature.

At the end of the party Ryleigh lost her balloon and started to cry. Scott quickly handed over his to her and she was all smiles again. Then he played with her until we left and it was SO cute!

Ryleigh loving her cousin.

He's really getting excited about the baby. He was rubbing my belly and loving it all weekend. So cute!

So...not too bad so far. A pretty long post, pics and all! I'm impressed.

We have another doctor's appointment tomorrow. I cannot believe that this baby will be here in only 8 weeks! WOW. I can't wait. I'll try to post tomorrow about the dr.