Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let the giggles begin!

Finally! Jillian is starting to laugh! Sami laughed a lot earlier and a lot more often. I can remember that. A babies laughs are the best thing in this world! Jilli smiles all the time and she's forced a giggle or two out before, but the last few days they are a little easier to get out of her and it brightens my day for sure!
She's really enjoying her one on one time. I try and put the girls down around the same time to nap so that I can get a little break and get the house cleaned up a bit, or feed the farm, or do laundry, dishes...whatever. But lately Jilli has caught on that if Sami is sleeping, she will get ALL the attention! And she's LOVING it! LOL I have to admit, I'm loving it too. Jilli gets a lot of attention all day long, but it's usually unwanted attention from her sister, lol. Or Sami jumps in her face the moment I try and play with her or talk to her. She's Sami's baby!! Apparently Samantha doesn't understand that being mere centimeters from her face is probably not that enjoyable for Jillian, hahaha. I am constantly telling her to back up and give her space. The poor girl needs to breathe!
So anyway, Jilli and I love our Mommy and Me time with just the two of us, but then once Sami's up she gives her the BIGGEST smiles in the whole world, seriously I don't know how she makes her smile that big, but she does it, and only for her sister, who she adores!