Friday, July 27, 2007

So much news...

I wish I had more time to post. It's so much easier to just put pictures up because I can do that with one hand, lol.

So let's see, what's been going on....

my best friend Ev was home from SD for 3 weeks. It was wierd to be hanging out as moms. Ian was in Jersey for 3 days for a meeting so Ev and the little man (Chris Jr.) came to stay with us. That was when Sami was having issues with the low-grade fever (99.6)

No more fever and the poops seem to be back on track. I've tried cutting out dairy from my diet and it seems to be helping her. I'm going to try and incorporate it back in now and see if that really was the problem or if she just had some kind of stomach bug. I was drinking 2 gallons of milk a week so giving it up wasn't easy. But if it's what she needs then I guess I'll have to do with out.

I brought Samantha to the baptism of my godson, Chris Jr.

She did good through most of the mass, but then started fussing so Nana took her outside while we finished up. We tried to get some shots of the kids together, but Sami wasn't having it, lol. crying... will try more later