Monday, July 02, 2007


1.) How many times do you think you can re-heat an English muffin in the toaster?

2.) What are the chances I'll get to eat said English muffin before
a.) it's cold again or
b.) it's turned into a rock from being re-heated so many times?

3.) If I'm supposed to sleep when she sleeps...when do I eat?

4.) When does she sleep?

I really shouldn't complain. It hasn't been that's just that this morning she decided to wake up at 3 am....for the day!!! And not go back to sleep until NOON!!! well...12:30, but who's counting, lol.

She's been a good baby, and I'm loving every sleepless minute of it.
She had a case of severe baby acne and I think she had heat rash on top of it. It was awful!! My poor girl. We canceled our trip to CT because of it :( I miss my CT friends.
She's starting to clear up a bit so hopefully we can make it out there soon.

She seems to cry alot when she's awake...she also wants to nurse every hour when she's up. When she sleeps she can go from 2-4 hours without nursing. I don't get it. Why can't she be happier when she's awake?

Ok, I'm sure there is more that I wanted to post but I started this post at 8am and it's now almost 2:30 and I don't think I'll get back to it....

Baby to nurse, house to clean, laundry and dishes to do and Alpaca poo to pick times!