Friday, July 20, 2007

More Doctors...

Sami has been running a low-grade temp this week. We went to the doctors to find out what the problem is and they classified her as "borderline colic"
I'm not sure I totally believe that she has colic...but whatever, as long as she doesn't have any kind of infection or illness I can deal.
She has been a little fussy lately and we've had a few rough nights but she seems to be getting back on track the last few days, just developing a slight fever in the evenings...weird. She's having issues pooping so hopefully that will clear up soon...poor thing.

Her weight at the doctors on Tuesday was 10 lbs. 4 oz!!! I couldn't believe it. I told the nurse that she should be at least 9 by now and we put her on the scale and it didn't budge at 9 pounds, lol. She's getting to be a big girl. No more newborn diapers either, we've moved up to the size ones. Why is it that the size ones are twice as big as a newborn diaper? Size ones look huge on her, but the newborns are just too small. We're loving that she actually is fitting into most of her clothes now and everything isn't falling off of her, lol. Here are just a few pics from the week.

Chillin' with froggy while momma blogs...

Playing with her man Chris Jr.

Lounging in her bouncy

Just being beautiful

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