Monday, July 16, 2007


Boy was I!! And probably still am.

I can honestly say that when people told me that I would need a gazillion onesies because my child would spit up on them and poop through them all day long, I thought they were foolish. I mean, hello I change her diaper all the time, how could she possibly shit through it? Or up her back... I mean her butt doesn't exactly point's a normal butt...I don't poop up my back.

Well, let the games begin! She has pooped on me many a time...I just thought it was personal...a sort of, "thanks for all the good boob juice ya go..."

Then came the soaking of the clothes. The first...Ian confessed that he thought maybe it was the way he put the diaper on...maybe, but not likely as she would soon prove.

Then there was the leakage out the side and I chalked it up to the cheap diapers ( the store was out of the good stuff in her size)

But came.....the ultimate poop! Good diaper and all, properly secured...perfect.
Ian had just came home from work and was on the computer. Sami and I sat on the couch next to his computer...I think I might have been nursing her, but either way I was holding her and she was on my lap, when all of a sudden....she let it rip! There was poop coming from every angle! Out the side, up the back, it was everywhere! I was covered, she was covered, and Ian was running for cover!
Thank God he was here because I seriously could not move! I was covered in a pool of poo! GROSS!!

Since then we've had a few more poo problems, but that night definitely takes the cake My Gosh!

So, In other Sami news....Things had been going great. She was finally nursing good. Sleeping about 3-4 hour stretches at night. Still wanting to nurse every hour during the day if she was awake, but whatever, we were working on that.
Since last week I don't know what has happened. It's like we're starting at day one all over again. She has trouble getting on the breast and gets all frustrated and sounds like she's going to hyperventilate, once she's on she doesn't want to work. She won't sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time...which includes all night long. She wakes up crying, if I pick her up she falls asleep, if I set her down she wakes up. I try to let her wake up long enough so that she's really awake so she can nurse, she starts screaming at the top of her lungs (which are definitely growing by the way) then as soon as she latches...she falls asleep! When she does get on and starts nursing she'll start crying and screaming 2 minutes into it. What the heck!!??

That was our last two days. She seemed to be a bit better last night and is sleeping like crazy today. I've had a bit of a belly ache the last two days too so maybe she's just not feeling well...?
I've been giving her some gas medicine to try and help her through it. She doesn't have a fever...I keep checking her, and she is acting normal other than the screaming during nursing. She screams like she's in pain...or maybe had a nightmare? Not sure but it's loud and usually doesn't last for more than 20 seconds and she'll latch back on.

I guess we're still learning.

So when I'm not nursing a baby, cleaning up poop (baby, dog, and alpaca), entertaining (baby or dog), chasing run-a-way alpaca's through our yard, Keeping Patches away from the alpacas, cleaning up spit up (dogs and baby), doing laundry or dishes...I'm probably eating or sleeping. Therefore there is not alot of blog time right now...or even picture taking for that matter, I mean how many pictures can you take of a screaming or sleeping baby? and it's hard to work the camera with a baby in your arms...but again...we're learning.

Until our next joyful nap time....

I'll try to post some pics this week...promise.