Wednesday, August 01, 2007


To catch up...
Sami is down for her morning nap, and this is really the only time I'll have all day to type. Usually I'm laying down with her and getting some much needed sleep, but today I'll sacrifice so I can post a little. There are things everyday that I want to post about but can never seem to get the time.

Not sure where to start really....I guess just a few things...
Sami is going to have a new cousin!!! For those of you who don't already know Jewl is prego with #2!!!! We are so excited for them...and us! She's due in March...I have 2 other friends that are pregnant that are also due in March so it will with out a doubt be a busy month! I can't wait!! Plus, Jewl will be coming home to NY for the pregnancy so I won't have to wait 3 months to meet my new little niece or nephew like we did with Em.
My cousin Jamie is also preggers and due in November with her first. They are having a little girl...which seems to be the trend for November this year since Kari and Beth are both adding another little girl to their families in November.

Babies, babies everywhere! I'm so excited. Sami is getting SO big already! She is so adorable in the early morning. She wakes up with the biggest smiles I've ever seen and laughs at her daddy getting ready for work. It's so cute and it makes me so happy that they have such a wonderful time in the morning before he leaves.
We go to the doctor on Thursday for her shots...wish me luck, lol...her too.

Saturday we brought Sami to the Irish Festival. She loved it! There's really not much for a 2 month old to do there, lol. But she loved the music and we danced with her and she seemed to have a good time. We also watched a few Gaelic Football games, which she also enjoyed. We even got her picture taken with a Leprechaun! Too Cute! Here are some pics of her at the Festival...

Dancing with Daddy

With the lucky leprechaun

And since Mary doesn't seem to update her blog more than are a couple shots of my adorable nephew and niece...

I LOVE Cole's smile in this pic! He is testing for his orange belt in Tae Kwon Do this week! You go little man!

What a cutie!
Ryleigh has earned a stripe on her belt in Tae Kwon Do because she can tie her own! What a big girl!

I love you guys!!
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