Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Little Peanut

Can you believe that my little peanut has decided she wants to sleep in her crib! Already!! She's been in the crib for two weeks now. The bassinet was getting kind of small for her and one night she just decided that it wasn't going to work anymore so I put her in the crib and she put herself to sleep! When she woke up for her 2am feeding I thought it would be easier to just put her back down in the bassinet so I didn't have to bring her back to her room. She wasn't having it! She fussed until I brought her back to her room and she went right back to sleep. I can't believe what an amazing baby she is. She really is an easy baby and I know how lucky I am every day. Today she is down for a nap in her crib. This is her first nap in the crib. And she put her self to sleep again! She was cranky and hot so I tried rocking her in front of the fan, tried singing to her, bouncing her...everything and she wouldn't stop crying. I finally layed her in her crib and 3 minutes later she was out like a light! What a good girl!
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