Sunday, March 11, 2007


Our first Child birth class went well. The beginning was a little rough and it was getting very long. We have it every Thursday from 6pm to 8pm for 6 weeks. The instructor announced that she will be going to Oregon to visit her granddaughter one week so we'll have a week off at the end of the month, the men rejoiced wishing she were staying in Oregon for 2 weeks instead of one.
The beginning of the class was all about the anatomy of the mother and where everything was located and is now located and how the baby pushes everything out of the way.
We did good. A few giggles under our breath and we couldn't look each other in the eye for fear of hysteria, but we held our own. Then came the break...
The instructor brought out juice and cookies and granola bars for us to snack on. As I was finishing my juice, Ian got up to get one for himself (he wouldn't take anything until everyone else had, such a gentleman.) He sat down next to me and opened his and took a sip. As I was finishing up my juice I noticed that it should have been "Shaken rigorously" So I look over at Ian and say "Make sure you shake it REAL good" He looks at me puzzled, and says "I already opened it..." (Note: they were little individual juice cups with the foil top that you have to peel back, not replaceable caps) Well, those simple words sent me into a fit of laughter that I could not get out of. I turned purple trying to hold it in, I had uncontrollable tears rolling down my face, and I. Could. Not. Stop.
It was awful and embarrassing and lasted for a good 8 or 9 least! Everyone was looking at me, I couldn't stop, I couldn't catch my breath and I had a napkin over my eyes to try and catch some of the uncontrollable tears, it was like fountains people!

Well, once I finally contained myself to low grade convulsions and the instructor put in a video. Still shaking with laughter I managed to keep myself quite enough to see the video. Then we moved on to a few breathing techniques and that was it.

So we made it through the first class and hopefully I can be more mature at the next class, lol.

God, this memory loss is killing me! I had like 3 other things to post about, and now they're gone! Ugh, I can't stand not being able to remember anything. I'm going to have to start writing everything down.