Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Night owl

I think that if I had to live alone (and didn't have to work) I would be nocturnal. I'm just not motivated during the day. I don't really start doing anything until around 4:30! I feel like such a bum. Then I don't really want to go out when it's dark, or about to get dark, because I don't like coming home to an empty house at night.
Unfortunately, being pregnant I don't allow myself to stay up all night (pretty foolish I know, since in about 2 months I'll have to be up all night anyway) But I want to keep my body on as much of a routine as possible for now. The baby doesn't seem to be waking up as much at night this week. Usually I can feel her every time I get up to pee. Now I've been thinking that she might have been the one waking me up to pee. The last two nights I've only got up once during the night to pee...that's a new record!

The dogs have continued to love the outdoors. I'm a bit worried about Ian seeing the holes they've dug up out side. Bruno is on high alert since Ian's not home. He barks at every little noise and is very jumpy at night. He has barked every night in the middle of the night. He does this every time Ian goes away. I don't think he sleeps much when Ian's not home. Then there is always the 7:15 wake up call in which both dogs bark as if we were being invaded by another world. Every day! The bus stops in front of our house and picks up the kids across the street...every day...and the dogs go NUTS! You would think they would be used to it by now, I mean it happens every morning, get over it!

Eating. I'm having trouble making things to eat. I have run out of ideas. Lunch is always a struggle. I'm not sure if I just don't want to cook because I'm lazy or because I don't want to deal with the dishes (Because I'm lazy).
Heartburn is almost a constant thing. There is no relief. Ian has been getting heartburn too, lol. He's never really had it. I keep telling him it's sympathy heartburn. I have to say that pregnancy heartburn is nothing like regular heartburn. I used to just grab a cup of milk and I would feel some instant relief, not now. Nothing seems to stop it I just struggle through it and go about my business.

I have to bring the dogs to get their nails done. I wanted to do it today, but it doesn't look like my butt is coming off the couch. I still need to go get on the treadmill today.

I did manage to get the laundry done today...well cleaned and folded, not put away, and the kitchen cleaned. I have to clean the kitchen floors again since they are covered in muddy paw prints.

I guess I should go get some dinner. Maybe I'll do a 30 week pic tomorrow...I'll try.