Thursday, March 08, 2007

Doctor's visit

Today I weighed in at 133lbs. Which means I've gained another 4 lbs this month. That would put me at a total of 15 pounds so far and that 30 that the doctor said I should gain is not too far off. We only have 3 months left, but from what everyone is telling me that is when you gain the most. So at the minimum if I only gained what I've been gaining, which is 5 pounds a month, that would put me right at 30. However, I think these next 3 months might be a bit more than 5 lbs each. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

We listened to the heartbeat, she's still going strong. The doctor said that because I'm so "petite" that she always finds my beat first and then the two together and it's harder to get just the baby. LOL, I certainly don't feel too petite these days.
We measured the belly and she is finally measuring right on track with the number of weeks. The past times that she had measured me the belly was always just a little behind, but now she's caught up, which made the doctor happy. I'm not exactly sure how the belly was measuring smaller, and when we had the ultrasound the baby was measuring bigger. But as long as everything is healthy I'm good.

The doctor's office received all our information on the Cord Blood Banking and seemed to know what they are doing now. They don't have many patients in this office that have ever done it so I think we may be their guinea pigs. It made me feel good that everyone was on top of it though and was aware of the steps we need to take on the big day.

My glucose and blood tests came back great so no diabetes!! Thank God, I'm not sure how women handle being on a diabetic diet at this time. I know that it would have been really hard for me. But to be safe I do still eat healthy and I've started exercising too. I've never been a big fitness person, or exercised alot, but now with not working I don't want to just sit around and get fat. At work I was going all the time, constantly on my feet and moving. Now my days consist of a laptop, Discover Health network, a little TLC, and eating. Well, there's laundry and cleaning thrown in there, but still I know I'm not getting the activity that my body is used to.

I think that's all the doctor had to say...we won't be getting another ultrasound, unless there are unforeseen circumstances in the future. Judged on where I'm feeling the most movement, the baby is still head down, which is good, but the doctor says she still has plenty of room to flip all around. Trust me that room is slimming! This morning I could feel her butt poke up at the top of my belly. It was pretty cool to feel her slide on up and feel this adorable little round rump right at the top, then she felt the need to kick me too. She likes to kick back when I am feeling where she is.

Gosh, I'm just so excited! I hope these next few months fly by. I go back to the doctor every 2 weeks now until around 36 weeks then it will be every week.

Well, it's off for some lunch now. Our class is tonight after Ian gets out of work, I'll try to post about it tomorrow. Wish us luck.