Thursday, February 15, 2007

They're home!

The dogs are home. They made it to a carn that was about 4 miles from our house and the dog catcher picked them up tuesday night. He brought them home tonight. They both need baths, Bruno's feet are all sore and red. But over all they are good. I feel so much better having them back.
We've been buried with snow. I don't think I've ever seen this much snow in my life. The snow is half way up our front door! Ian made a path from the doggy door to the driveway. The snow is way over the dogs head so the only place they can go is into the driveway.

I've been horribly sick for the last 2 days. Stuck in bed. No appetite, no energy everything hurts. This sucks! It hurts so bad to even breathe. I can't talk, no voice. Ian got me some Robitussin DM and saline nasal spray that seem to be approved for use during pregnancy. Hopefully they'll work for me.

Blogger made me switch! What the heck! Why do I HAVE to have the new blogger? I liked the old one just fine.

Ok, back to bed. I'm gonna go cuddle up with my smelly dogs. Goodnight.