Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The dogs are missing! They've been gone since sometime late Saturday night. I've been in tears everyday. Mostly because I'm scared for them, then because I miss them. It's been cold and then there is the 3 feet of snow and another potential 3 feet tonight.

I've called the vet, the Humane Society, and the local police. Nothing! I can only hope that someone has taken them in and is loving on them, or that they have found decent shelter in one of the many barns around here. God please watch over them. The thought of them out there in danger or hurting just kills me inside and brings endless tears. I love them. They've been my babies for almost 4 years and I miss them terribly. I just need to know. If they are ok, I'll be delighted, if they're not I will grieve but I would need that closure. It's like torture not knowing.

The baby girl is kicking up a storm, she's a little Mia Hamm in there. (no that's not the name we choose)

Today she felt the need to try and play the xylaphone on my ribs. It hurt! She's done it about 4 times now. My belly is jumping all over the place, you can see it even through my shirt now. She kicks that hard!

I have a cold. I feel like crap, can't stop coughing, chest and throat are killing me. Yuck!

Ian and I finally made it out to register. It was so much fun picking out stuff for our baby girl.

I go back to the Dr. March 8th. It is also our first birthing class. Ian will be in Jersey for a meeting and I will have to go alone, that sucks! I'm so dissapointed. I really want him there, and I know that he will be for all the other ones, but this is our first and I don't want to be alone, especially since I have no idea what to expect.

Ok, that's all I can think of for now...here's some belly pics to hold you over...

It's getting BIG!


Kether said...

I'm so sorry about this. It is so sad that I could barely get through your whole post. I hope that they have warm shelter and will come to you when the weather is clear.
I love the pic of your belly popping out!

Your dogs will be in my prayers.