Monday, February 19, 2007

Day 1

So today is day 1 as a stay at home wife. Actually I get to play the stay at home Step-mom for the next few days since Scott doesn't have school this week. Did you know that a 12 year old can talk for about 20 hours straight. Not kidding! We're enjoying our relaxing time off together. He's no longer sick, lucky! I on the other hand still feel like I have been continuously backed over by a Mac truck.
Is is odd that my doctors office tries to treat you right over the phone? I called to make an appointment and the receptionist put me through to the nurse. She asks me the usual questions, just like I was sitting on the paper sheet in front of her. She takes some notes and says "I'll talk to the doc and someone will call you back shortly." That seems weird to me. Don't they want to listen to my lungs and take my blood pressure and all that good stuff? As long as it works and what ever they give me is safe for the baby.

Well I have a bunch of running around to do this afternoon....oh shoot, it's a holiday. Is the bank open today? I guess I'll have to go down and find out. I think I should wait to hear back from the docotor first though because she's probably going to call in a script for me.
I have to go down to the vet and collect a bunch of paper work so I can get the dogs licenced and avoid the $50 fee from them getting out last week.

Does anyone else have a preteen with a Wii? Do you believe that it creates false self esteem? Ian brought up this debate the pther day and I have to say that I fully agree that it does. Scott believes that he is next to God when he plays Wii sports. I think I should video tape him so he can see how spastic he actually looks. He thinks he's so cool and athletic, lol. It's so funny to watch. Everytime he does good he throws his arms up in the air and does a victory dance saying how great he is.
Either way it's still better than laying around playing shoot 'em up games.