Friday, February 23, 2007

Holy crap Picasa actually let me upload pictures again and it didn't take 3 hours to do so! It's a miracle!I just thought I'd throw you a couple of pics that I had sitting in the camera. These are from the snow storm last week. Look at the side of the barn! And our wishing well is buried! The snow came all the way up to the middle of the front door. We just got about another foot last night. The past couple of days had been beautiful and it was starting to melt away and then boom, another foot. Crazy lake effect snows out here.

This is a picture of the boys having tater tots for breakfast the other day. They were laughing at me and couldn't figure out why I was taking pictures of them. Scott looks really good in hats but he never wears them so I wanted to get a good shot of him with it on, but they wouldn't look at me :(

And finally, here's the 25 week belly shot. Growing bigger by the day!

I'm loving being at home. Today is Ian's day off and it's so nice being able to spend time with him again and not have to spend our whole day off cleaning and doing laundry. This morning we drove out to Cooperstown and walked around and had lunch at a nice little cafe/pub. It was a nice little place and reminded us of the bar we ate in on one of the islands in Hawaii.
We even managed to put the crib together today! We've only had it since Christmas, lol. I'm excited to set her room up and get her stuff ready, but now with not working and having 3 months left I think I better pace myself or I'm going to get bored real quick.
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Updated: Ok, so Picasa didn't work, big surprise! But I fixed it. Here's your pics.