Friday, February 16, 2007

Full time Blogger

That is my new ocupation. That's right. I've quit my job. Not quite sure what I was thinking. Maybe it's the fact that I feel like shit, or that my desk has been flooded for a week, or that it was raining in the bathroom when I got there and leaking out into the hallway with a huge puddle and all they could muster up was to put up a wet floor sign. Or maybe it's the fact that I recieve numerous phone calls reminding me to breathe while I'm at work because you know I am a complete moron and might forget to do that. Or maybe it was the fact that Ian was stuck at work and it's our weekend with Scott and niether of us could go get him. Maybe it was a culmination of all these things. Who knows. But I handed in my keys and said have a nice night.

Now I have to deal with the reality and the financial stress that will come next week. One thing at a time though for now.

The dogs are doing ok. They both have frost bite :( Bruno is limping all around because in between his toes are frost biten (is that a word?) Poor Patches has frost bite on her nipples! OUCH! They seem to be ok with is but they're not to fond of going outside just yet. I have to force them to go out to go to the bathroom.

Well, goodnight for now. Wish me luck in my retirement.