Saturday, January 05, 2008

Still so behind...

I've been meaning to catch up, but just haven't had a free moment to do so.
Christmas was great. I had a blast watching Sami open all her gifts and was so excited that she was actually into it. I wasn't sure that she would be ready yet this year, but she loved opening and ripping up the paper and crinkling it.

Scott woke up early. He was up at 4am on Christmas eve! Then up at 5 am on Christmas day! I think he was a little excited, lol. He loved all his gifts. Ian and I got him a professional drawing table this year. We were both a little nervous about whether he would really like it or not. He LOVED it! We were SO happy. We tried to make this Christmas more about his interests, other than video games. It was kind of weird having Christmas morning with no new video games, but it was nice, and everyone was satisfied with their gifts....oh, wait, lol. I got new video games!! LMAO. Usually the boys get tons of new games or new systems every year...this year I got a DS!!! I love it! I really wanted one, and I love Scott's, so it was awesome! I love those Brain games.
Ian and I also both got new phones. I ordered his months ago and waited until the last minute to activate it. Something got screwed up and I had to drag both kids out to the Veris*n store on Christmas Eve. We got it all worked out and I was satisfied, but a little nervous that Ian would freak out when he realized his phone wasn't working.
Little did I know....he was doing the same thing for me!
So I get home and I go to use my phone...and.....nothing! It doesn't work! I was pissed! I thought for sure that they messed it up and activated Ian's new phone on my line, and I had already wrapped it up and had it all set to go. So I go online and look at our account and much to my surprise...I had a new phone too! LOL
Ian did the SAME thing! After activating my phone (on his lunch break at work) He went to use his phone and it didn't work. So he got pissed and went back to Veris*on and told them they screwed it up and now his phone wasn't working. The veriz0n lady looks up our account and says, everything looks right...."you have the voyager, right?"
"Um NO!" LMAO I guess the lady felt really bad about giving up the surprise. She thought she ruined our Christmas.
Actually we both thought it was pretty funny, and we both got our presents Christmas eve! LOL.

Ian also got me an external hard drive for all my pics, so I don't clog up my laptop. I so NEEDED this!
Unfortunately I haven't taken any pics since Christmas day :(

I'm totally behind on Sami's 7 month post. She's getting so big so fast!
I have to get a 7 month photo shoot done for her...maybe next week. Things just have not slowed down here yet. Crazy!!
Big events with Sami are...
She is feeding herself Cheeri0s! This was a big moment for us, lol.
She is military crawling all over the place! Can crawl on all fours when she's in just a diaper, but hasn't seemed to figure it out with clothes on, lol.
She is trying to pull up on just about everything she can get her hands on. But she doesn't have the upper body strength yet. She usually gets really frustrated, but she will not give up.
She's been fighting me with her food. She wants what she wants, when she wants it and she refuses to give. It's all a big power struggle, because I refuse to give too. We've come to a compromise with cheeri0s and what ever Mama wants her to eat.

We've both been sick since New years and are just now starting to get better. Scott has his buddy here this weekend and having 2 teenage boys in the house is exhausting.

I'll try to update more...soon. With Sami starting to be mobile, finding time has been rough.