Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Here are a couple pics of her in the Mei Tai, front carry. Ian left for Jersey today, so I couldn't get any pics of her in the back carry. I still have to figure out how to get her in the back carry by myself.

She has been pulling up on EVERYTHING! All she wants to do is walk. I've been looking at walkers for her but haven't decided on one yet. Today I just saw one that is a shopping cart/walker and the handle is expandable for when she is taller. It's really cute! But I think I want to get her a ride on one....ahhh, decisions decisions, lol.

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Updated: You can notice from the dark circles under my eyes that Sami has NOT been sleeping the past 3 nights! Not sure what her deal is, but I'm hoping it's over soon.
She's trying already to give up her second nap..or first nap really and combining the two. She used to take 2 two hour naps, now she goes down later in the morning and is sleeping for close to 3 hours. It is much too soon for her to give up one of her naps! I think we have to start from square one again and get a new schedule going.