Friday, January 11, 2008

Mei Tai

I SOOOO want one of these!!!

BabyHawk, EllaRoo, Kozy....I can't decide!! Or maybe an Ergo?

I think I'll try and make my own...The only problem is I can't sew! Ian bought me a sewing machine last year, so I guess it's time to break it out and try and use it. Honestly, I think I'll probably break down and just buy one, but I really can't afford it. These things are outrageously priced. $60-$130!!

We've booked our first family vacation to TX in Feb. I'm a bit nervous about flying with the baby girl. Any tips for flying/traveling with an 8 month old? There is so much to bring! Ugh.

I want the new wrap/carrier for the trip, so I have less than a month to figure out how to make my own or pony up the money to buy one.

Drea is my inspiration to try and make my own. She has made a few that she posted on her blog and I LOVE them!