Wednesday, January 09, 2008

7 Months...a little late...

So here is the princess at 7 months. Proudly showing off her two front teeth.
These days she is just go, go, go. She wants to move! She loves exploring and doing new things. She is learning more and more by the minute. She can crawl on all fours, but is not convinced that it is faster than her military creep that she does. When she really wants to get some where and fast she plops down on her belly and creeps there. It's a pretty funny site. If she's just playing with her toys she will crawl from one to the next. She's been trying more and more to stand up. If she had the balance she'd be doing it already. She pushes her self up and tries to walk with her hands on the ground and up on her toes. I swear one of these days she's going to do a somersault! She's been pulling up on everything she can get her hands on, but doesn't quite have the upper body strength to get herself upright just yet. She goes from sitting to crawling and rolling and back to sitting no problem now.
She loves singing with Daddy...who by the way, she is calling Pa Pa lately. She can't seem to get Da Da down, but we've been trying. She concentrates so hard and watches our mouths as we are saying it, but when she tries, all that comes out is "Pa Pa." It's really cute.
She's doing good eating, and trying new things all the time. Her latest is Zwieback toast. She LOVES that stuff! But my gosh is it messy! She loves anything she can feed herself and is still getting used to new textures. The other day I chopped up some bananas and then ground up some cheeri0s to coat them with. Bananas are so slippery that it was hard for her to handle them. Once they were coated in the cheeri0s she could pick them right up and pop them in.

I think we are in for a few more teeth soon...
This is how she really felt today :(

She was such a good sport though.

This is my little curious one. Always exploring and figuring out the unknown.

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